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  1. maddriver

    maddriver New Member

    I want to paint the frame. Should I remove the old coat of paint? How to do it?
    What paint can you advice? How to apply it evenly?
    PS: It is my first painting experience. :confused:

  2. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    just use sandpaper to blend any spots where the existing paint is scratched or flaking off, bondo any dents, clean and degrease thoroughly, and go over with your color and clear coat.

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  3. maddriver

    maddriver New Member

    On the video it looks like everything is simple. Hope it will be easy to do!
    Should I take usual sandpaper?
    What type of spray paint is it better to use? In my local store there are many color options of Krylon paint

    But I do not know if it is a good choice. Can I take any can paint? Or maybe there are special paint for the bikes?
  4. bigbikeseat

    bigbikeseat Member

    If you want a fuel proof paint job, then you should use automotive paint. Any paint that comes from a can is not fuel proof. Automotive paint costs something like $800 a gallon. Putting automotive clear on it is expensive too. Then you also have to buy the automotive primer, and thinners and all. Automotive primer from a shake can is not as good as primer that is sprayed on with a compressor setup. The shake can primer doesn't stick as good. It chips very easily. The automotive clear it what makes it fuel proof.
  5. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    if you get fuel on normal spray paint it just goes hazy. once the fuel evaporates spray a little brake cleaner and it'll go glossy again