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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by go-rebels, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. go-rebels

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    I have found a used 1999 black Whizzer in Charlotte for sale be a private owner. He hasn't ridden it in years and wants to get $500 for it. It is currently in storage at the back of his garage and I can't tell if it runs or not. He claims to have 369 miles on it and I thought that was pretty low until I read some of the threads about these engines. He claims it was put away in very good condition with no drops or crashes. He claims that the bike was running well the last time it was ridden.

    What's your opinion of this bike? What is it really worth?

    As a newbie with Whizzers, are there not aftermarket parts to be able to make the engine more robust, maybe good for a few thousand miles w/o a rebuild?

  2. Mountainman

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    not the expert Whizzer person here on site -- sure they will in time chime in

    500 seems to be a pretty fair price -- but - maybe you can get him down to around 400
    I would ask the gentleman selling if you could give a try at starting it ?
    some new gas and ? May just fire right up
    be nice to know that the engine is tight
    at least -- even if not started -- turn the engine over a few times -- not frozen up ?

    Quenton Guenther would be one man to contact here on site -- much information...

    sounds like it was put away in good condition
    you may have came across a nice find ?

    hope that it works out and you get to ride that THING
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  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Go,
    The original WC-1 motor has problems with the valve seats. Thousands were spent to find a solution and in the end the answer is to upgrade the cylinder. Whizzer offered a kit for $466.10 plus shipping, however the kit contained several parts that were problematic. I have helped hundreds of Whizzer owners get their WC-1 motors running perfectly, and can usually help for less than the kit option.
    If you can buy it for $500.00 I would suggest you purchase it right away, because in the end you would have less than $1000.00 invested, and a good running Whizzer is worth far more than that. Because of serious quality control issues on the latest models the older bikes [1999 to EARLY 2008] appear to far more reliable. I have many new edition Whizzers that I ride and many have over 6000 miles on them. I live in NC so I can help you if needed. I doubt you will exceed anywhere near 1000 miles with the original WC-1 motor, but who knows. Most usually quit between 450 to 650 miles, but I have been told [never seen one] that some have made it to 1000 miles before the upgrade is needed.

    My advice is to buy it, and I can help you make it "bullet proof". I have lots & lots of Whizzer parts in stock, including parts for the original Whizzers [1939 to 1962].

    Have fun,
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  4. jbcruisin

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    That sounds dirt cheap to me. I bought my 99 last June for $1000. & it had 10 miles on it. At 100 miles the top end blew ( is blew a word?). Quenton got me running with the upgrade kit & it runs great!! I've done other performance upgrades too. 2 days ago I was going about 55 mph & broke my speedo. Mine speedo only goes up to 40. Who cares I love it. Now I can brag that my Whizzer goes so fast I broke the speedo ( probably just the cable). Buy it & get the upgrade kit & you'll love it.
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  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Jay, Can you use the tachometer to help judge your speed [I saw you installing the tachometer, so I know you have one]?

    Have fun,
  6. jbcruisin

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    Hi Quenton,
    The tach gives me a general idea how fast I'm going but I'm not worried. I'm usually either stopped or wide open anyway. Ha, ha. You know me. I have all winter to get it fixed. I only ride now when it's above 40 degrees.
  7. RdKryton

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    Jay... What were you doing going 55? You have more faith in your Whizzer brakes than I have in mine. lol
  8. go-rebels

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    Thanks for the post Quenton! This bike is with a 'friend' of a 'friend' and I don't believe I'll be able to see it until the new year. I really hope to pick it up as I'd like to do the upgrades as you suggest. I just finished doing CV joints on my '94 Volvo 850 so I'm looking forward to working on something a little smaller!
  9. jbcruisin

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    And you have a better back brake that me, don't you? Mine's factory original.
  10. KilroyCD

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    Go-rebels, I agree wholeheartedly with what Quenton says about the bike, it's definitely worth the investment. There are several people on this forum who can help you convert the WC-1 engine to NE standard and make it bulletproof, and he's one of them. Quenton really knows his stuff, and he's helped me get my NE5 running right as well.

    JB - 55mph on a Whizzer? :ee2k: Better you than me! That would be scary fast on a bike as lightweight as the Whizzer (IMHO).
  11. JE

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    55 on a Whizzer is fun....:grin5: You mean you'rse won't go that fast......:jester:
  12. KilroyCD

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    Heck, I'm still in the break-in period. I haven't tried yet (but I have taken it to 40). But perhaps I should have said it would be scary fast on Pennsylvania's washboard roads.
  13. RdKryton

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    Hey JE
    Maybe the roads on the left coast are well suited for 55 on a Whizzer but not here in Pa. (At least not were Kilroy and I live)
    Picture this if you will. In the distance you hear a scream. You turn around to see the most frighting site you will ever see. A 300 pound man hurtling down the road at 55mph bouncing over pot holes and dodging road killed critters while desperately trying to maintain control of a bicycle. We all know how good bicycle brakes are when we overload and overheat them at the same time. This it what we call fun here in the east but we do keep the speed down so we can recover from our injuries when we do go down so we can ride again. I just have a bad feeling that going down at 55 on a bicycle would possibly be the end of my riding and it may well cause me to begin to assume room temperature. I'm not ready for that yet... With what I did as a kid I feel like I'm on borrowed time any way.

  14. uncle_punk13

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    My first wc-1 made it from San Francisco to Illinois (where Ray Meisner replaced the entire engione out with a new one as per the Company's request) before it started running poorly, loosing it's power (I got lucky that first one had throttle and then some, and snap! You hit the throttle and it got up ...) and pumping oil past the rings. The second engine had all the typical wc-1 symptoms all the rest of the way to New York... Hit and miss with those ones, but I hear there's more bad than good one's. 500 Is a good deal, I'd grab it up if it were me. It's worth it and with nquenton's help you'll have it rockin' reliably in no time.
    I did the same; came across a pacemaker for 500.00 with only 7 miles on the clock. I gave it to my Dad for father's day a couple of years ago.
    Go get it and enjoy the ride!!!!
  15. go-rebels

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    Well it seems now that the seller in reconsidering selling, as his young son might like it in a few years. It would be a nice father/son fix-it project so I understand.

    Then I find this one on Ebay so I bought it outright!|65:16|39:1|240:1318

    It's so new I'm reluctant to begin tearing into it but anything I can do to make it more reliable would be appreciated. I'll probably put a few hundred miles on the engine before I get into that but what about other elements of the drivetrain or maybe just a good, "flat-proof" set of tires? I'll start scouring through the archives but thanks-in-advance to any advice you might be able to give me on this model.
  16. go-rebels

    go-rebels Member

    This bike should have the "NE" rather than "WC" engine, right?
  17. 2005 Whizzer

    Hi guys, yes Go-Rebels, that is an NE-5 just like my wife's bike from 05. That was a very good buy, check your lifters,

  18. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Go,
    In order to make the 2005 model reliable several changes need to be considered. It is VERY important to convert to mushroom style lifters right away. When I tested the original NE5 motor the lifters "ate" the camshaft lobes. The reason this happened is because of poor engineering, no quality control, and little [or no] tesing a new product prior to release for public use. When I contacted the main office in TX and explained the problem, I also told them of the fix. Because of the size and angle of the lifters, the 10 MM lifters are too small and "dance" down the camshaft lobes, cutting deep holes in the lobes. The cure was simple, just increase the size of the lifter that rides on the lobes [mushroom lifters], however that would cost additional money to change. Instead of fixing it correctly, they simple softened the lifters and hoped no one would catch the problem during the warranty period. In late 2007 they started fixing the problem by using the mushroom lifters, however they altered the original design I offered them in late 2004. I even supplied them with modified lifters to use as a pattern, but something got lost between the USA and Tiawan. I used a set of Whizzer "vintage" 1/2" lifters and cut the area that rides in the crankcase down to 10 MM [.393"] and left the bottom 1/8" the original size [1/2"]so that the lifter would stay on top of the lobe longer, and then "roll" over easily onto the ramp. The original 10 MM and the vintage lifters were center drilled [approx. 80% of the length], however the current product mushroom lifters aren't and are way too heavy, the base is way too long and often cut at an angle [causing the clearance to change as the lifter rotates]. Because the current lifters require so much additional machine work to make them correct, I commisioned an American company to make them correctly, but the demand is great, and most are already sold [less than 25 sets will be left in stock].
    Another area that needs attention is the head gasket, the original steel unit often blows, and should be replaced with a copper version [the current offering from Whizzer will not work on the earlier cylinders unless modified]. I suggest contacting the nearest dealer and try find the earlier version copper gasket [I will need to have some special made in the near future].
    I noticed the bike you purchased has the rear coaster brake, also an item that may need your attention. The rear hub has the outer flanges "pressed" on, instead of being part of the actual hub, and the flanges work loose and cause the wheel go "limp". The spokes affix to the outer flanges, and when they work loose the spokes no longer hold the wheel together. A simple visit to a bike shop and have them replace the hub with a quality unit is the long term cure. During the visit to the bike shop you might also want to replace the original tubes [I have had many split at the seams] with the thorn resistant versions for safety reasons.
    It is important to note that my infromation isn't intended to "bash" or "discredit" anyone, or any company, just want everyone to be safe and enjoy owning a Whizzer.

    Have fun,

    Hope this information is helpful
  19. go-rebels

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    Thanks Quenton!

    Will the current copper gasket offering from Wizzard work on my 2005 model or might this be one of the "earlier cylinders" you mentioned? What kind of rework is required?

    Do you recommend that a cylinder head gasket sealer be used between the gasket and head and/or gasket and cylinder?
  20. jbcruisin

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    You got a really good deal on that 2005. I paid $1000. for my 99 & probably have another grand in upgrades. I'm not complaining though because she runs great. Listen to Quenton. He's the one that is my Whizzer advisor & got my bike running fast. By the way, I checked my broken speedo & it's just the cable.