Need Advice on 1999 Whizzer



Hi Go,
The original WC-1 motor has problems with the valve seats. Thousands were spent to find a solution and in the end the answer is to upgrade the cylinder. Whizzer offered a kit for $466.10 plus shipping, however the kit contained several parts that were problematic. I have helped hundreds of Whizzer owners get their WC-1 motors running perfectly, and can usually help for less than the kit option.
If you can buy it for $500.00 I would suggest you purchase it right away, because in the end you would have less than $1000.00 invested, and a good running Whizzer is worth far more than that. Because of serious quality control issues on the latest models the older bikes [1999 to EARLY 2008] appear to far more reliable. I have many new edition Whizzers that I ride and many have over 6000 miles on them. I live in NC so I can help you if needed. I doubt you will exceed anywhere near 1000 miles with the original WC-1 motor, but who knows. Most usually quit between 450 to 650 miles, but I have been told [never seen one] that some have made it to 1000 miles before the upgrade is needed.

My advice is to buy it, and I can help you make it "bullet proof". I have lots & lots of Whizzer parts in stock, including parts for the original Whizzers [1939 to 1962].

Have fun,
I’m at 700 miles and going must be a rare 1999 wc1 haha
Nov 14, 2018
That is funny. The bike is 19 years old and only has 700 miles on it. Your right that is rare. Oh yea it's a WC 1 HA HA.