Need advice on buying a dependable headlight for my MB

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  1. patricklogsdon

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    I've got a bicycle with a 2 stroke on it and I need a HEADLIGHT that will not lose it'sconnection to the batteries due to the vibration!
    Any one have any products they can reccommend. At times I do night riding, and I really need this for safety!
    Thanks in advance for all your ideas
    Pat in Louisville KY


    PUTT'IN'PTOWN New Member

    Reliable lighting Check this Site out!!!

    Hey: there i found this Cool lighting thing for the engine so no more!!
    wasted money on batterys exept inital cost there are many differant
    ways to hook up they also have 12volt!! but 6volt is hte cheapest soon
    as i can afford Im going to get one for myself!! mabe make one too!
    I can see how he did it I Was thiking of using a set of cheap feeler
    gauges grind down in middle then wrap magnet wire around till get desired
    voltage? have to make it fit too!!! anyway here is the site!!
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    Cateye brand bicycle products are well regarded. You get what you pay for.
  4. PUTT'IN'PTOWN Do you have a link?