Clutch Need advice, So which is it; a clutch problem or a chain alignment problem?????

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    I got a new engine because I am still fixing the first one right now. I put the new engine in place of the old one, same motor kit, same supplier, and it appears to be the same. But when I hooked everything up and tried holding in the clutch to test how the chain would run about every full revolution of the wheel sprocket it's like the chain tries to hop or the clutch is not grabbing like it should. I am unsure, I am fairly certain the small sound that is made when the Clutch doesn't grab and/or chain jump is coming from the gear box, not sure. When I removed the gear box cover and tried the clutch with it off. It appears as though the clutch plate that pushes on the clutch pads it is only being raised on one side off the plate when applied. There is some brief, slight resistance on the clutch when the sound happens and at the same time the clutch doesn't grab and/or chain jump. When it happens there is small resistance, but my first engine didn't do this so it isn't my imagination. The resistance doesn't keep the bike from going just makes it harder to pedal. So which problem is this; a clutch problem or a chain alignment problem?????
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    Have you tried pulling on each side of the spring to make stronger resistance off the clutch ??
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    make sure the rear sprocket is centered on the rear wheel use a ruler not your eyes. I had same problem the rear sprocket was off center.
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    Sometimes, some friction pads stick to the clutch plate, loosen the flower nut until it's loose, pry around clutch plate's outer diameter with a large, flat screwdriver, be gentle, clutch plate should remove. Check plate for flatness, by holding up to [ shop ] mirror, and sliding it, any warping should show up as feeling a low spot. Simply loosening flower nut a bit, working clutch, tighten flower nut [ too tight ] working clutch, may unstick, and re-seat pads, than go for final adjustment of flower nut, and cable.
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    Mine was doing the same thing, and I saw that it was the master link as it came through the case sprocket.

    I just rode it like that for the first time, and believe it was just a tight clearance and will smooth out over time.