Need air filter clearance?

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  1. Hi everyone
    I'm still new to this MB thing but it is awesome and due to my innate desire to tinker I can't leave well enough alone. Here's the deal.... I just got a high performance air filter from SBP(thanks your awesome) and it won't fit on the carb becuase it is too close to the frame. I am considering remounting the engine...yes more wrench turning!!..I love it...but that will surely make the carb not level. Is this a problem or should I try to get an offset intake manifold?
    As always, thanks in advance for all your advice and I appreciate any input.


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  2. Shadeslay

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    Really the only options I see are getting a short straight intake still not sure if you will have enough room. Or try finding or making one that comes out at an angle away from the set post.

    Your carb looks really level and a slight tilt doesn't hurt them. You could try remounting the engine with a spacer in the rear, but that might mean re-drilling the front mount, which seems like a bad idea to me.
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    This is how I did it.
    It's a 45deg. copper fitting silver soldered into the intake.

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    That should work, nicely done.
  5. I like it! a 45 bend would be perfect. Has anyone used JV weld? Not sure I like the idea of solder but if it works for ya then go!



    I didn't like it myself but I didn't have anyway to braze it on hand and silver solder should take the heat and a 20+ mile ride made sure it would hold up.
    Nice looking bike Scott!
  7. Thanks guys. I just got a 1/2" copper 90 turn at Home Depot for $1 and did a mock fit. Should be perfect. I'm gonna JB Weld it right now and when it cures I will remount and take pics for all to see. I get so stoked working on this bike that I can't figure out which is more fun, riding or wrenching!
  8. So here is what I came up with. Haven't ridden it this morning but seems tight and secure. Should pose no problems but if there is I will let you all know. Cost about $6 for copper turn and JB Weld.
  9. sorry bout that.....gonna try again

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  10. radrob

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    these guys sell a adaptor the call a volocity stack and a super low profile k n style filter for $22
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    No JB Weld...what is it with this stuff...I guess people use it because it has the word weld in it
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    go on e-bay and search for "pocket bike air filter". there are some that are low, and flat (shaped like a u.f.o.).
    They come with a velocity stack that will fit right onto these carbs, and they are cheap. They are high quality k&n style filters. prices range from $9.00 - $20.00 but they are all basically the same style filter.
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    skypiratescotty... you're a genius! Gonna implement your idea on future builds that have carb filter clearance issues.
  14. jjstanza

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    Does lengthening the intake runner like that affect performance?
  15. Only thing is you may need to turn up the idle a little bit but other than that runs awesome. I thought about trying a 45 degree bend just to see but it works fine the way it is.
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    That was pretty cool. Someone should sell a factory part with a bend like that. I saw a bike here that used a 1 foot hose to move the carb under the seat.
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    Air filter clearance

    I went with the straight billet intake. That moved the carb closer to the cylinder but also dropped the carb down. That meant using a clutch roller set up from Al.Fisherman (GREAT add on anyway):tt1:!! Just took a slight stock clutch riser bar mod. :thinking: :idea:

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  19. happycheapskate

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    That looks like a good combo. You should get some kind of commercial deal to mfg those Fisherman. Maybe you can even sell them in combo with the short pipe.
  20. hurricane

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    LOL , i feel the same way. If it was named "JB stick to anything" would people still use it ?:idea: