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    Is there a better tube? Or perhaps an additional sleeve or something?

    Ok, here is my bike.
    Tube size is 26x2.125

    Some time ago I picked up a rather large nail in the rear wheel.
    Patched it. Crappy no glue patches. Patched it three times and finally ordered the real good patches with glue. Gees, I have patches on my old ten speed that NEVER fell off. I've worn through tires before needing to replace a patched tube. But this bike? Now way!

    Got the good patches. Patched it three times. Then a fourth time using the real big patch. THOUGHT that one worked. It did not loose air, I've ridden at least a few hundred miles on it.
    But.... it finally failed too.

    Time to bite the bullet and resign myself to changing the blasted tube.
    The one on there is already one of the thick heavy duty ones.

    Is there anything better? I think I read somewhere ages ago about some kind of sleeve you can put in the tire for extra protection?
    If it weren't such a royal pain to take that rear wheel off I wouldn't care. But shees! This is a drag. And most bike shops anywhere near me won't touch it.

    If you know of something please post it, and/or a link to the site that has it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ha, I'm reading it all now. Thanks to who ever moved this to the tire section too. Didn't see it.

    Not sure I want to do a tire in a tire but I do see some other alternatives.
    Someone wrapped his tube in plastic pond liner???? Wish there were pictures.

    Still reading.
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    another solution if u have a wal mart to buy the tubes they have now that say garunteed no more flats.then if u have a flat theres no shame in taking it back 10 times.but you still have to do the a tire in a tire might be best for u.them fat tires u have take a lot of air before the tube touches the tire.that thins the tube out and make for easy puncture.tire in a tire solved that for me.wal mart also has these liners u can put inside the tire.
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    I read the thread about a tire in a tire. I can't see how to do that.
    Looked at walmart's website, they don't even have inner tubes listed. Not one. I know they have them though. Next time I go in I'll look.

    Meanwhile I have a bike shop (nearest one is over an hours drive) anyway they ordered me some of the heavy duty tubes. And said I might need to patch the hole in the tire too???? With what I wonder. Thinking about a squirt of silicon. (can't hurt.)

    I don't see any tire liners anywhere. That site Junster posted only have tires. They look like fantastic tires though. But mine aren't that old. Hate to replace tires because of one blasted nail hole. But next tire set I will look into those. Thanks.

    If anyone has a direct link to "liners" please post it.

    I'll keep searching. Be a little bit before my tubes come. While I have that back wheel off is the time to add anything.
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    There is a company that makes solid core tires that meaning they don't require any air but I have heard the ride can be harsh I also heard from my local bike shop you need a super strong rim and spokes for them.
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    ive never patched a whole in the tire itself before.but i always check the tire with my hand to feel for anything sharp.wal mart super stores have tubes now tht say garunteed in big letters on the put a tire in a tire u just stick one tire inside another and put a tube in the inside tire and work it on the rim.u may have to use a razor blade to carefully cut the bead off the inner tire.the inner tire should be close to the size of the outer tire.hope this helped.
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    If you end up going to Walmart you'll find Mr.Tuffy tire liners there. You can patch the inside of your tire where the damage is if it isn't on the sidewall with a tube patch as long as you scuff it up really well.
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    Ok, follow up.
    The ONLY bike shop that would touch a motorized bike (had them put on better spokes last summer) told me a few things.
    1. they don't recommend that slime stuff. I even found tubes on line with slime built in. They say no good. Stuff only works on the smallest of holes.
    2. They have the tuffy tube liners, and the heavy duty tubes. I'll order both.
    3. I asked about tire in tire, I think I left him scratching his head. I should be good with heavy tubes and the liner. (liner is something I never tried.)
    So that's my plan. Be awhile before it all gets shipped, but that's the plan.

    Also. I'm not too concerned with the hole in the tire. It's a round little nail hole right in the tread. Be different if it were a cut or something where the tube might stick out. I think the only problem was the hole in the tube is too big for any patch.
    (note to self. Don't ride over NAILS again!)

    Wall mart. I really hate walmart. When I first was going to do this motorized bike thing, I bought one from wally world. It was such pure **** I took it back. (after wasting a day assembling it.)
    Want a good laugh? The tires that came with it were defective. Totally warped and impossible to get on straight. Honest, they were molded that way.
    Well... This moron working there insisted HE could fix them. I said I doubt it but go try. They he warned me that "I can fix them for you but the next time you hit a puddle they will go out of alignment."
    Lol. A puddle I said? really? You don't say?

    And after making me stand around for a half hour, he came back and said they were defective. YA THINK?

    Na.... I don't buy much from walmart anymore. All ****.
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    ha... filters. I don't think my word there was that bad. Think of alternatives to doodie that starts with a C.
    (gee I hope that doesn't get filtered.)
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    these guys dont put the miles on a tire like some of us do.he was scratching is head thinking why didnt i think of that.
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    Artmaker, methinks your Walmart mechanic meant "pothole", not puddle.

    A tire within a tire. That's what I've done on "The White Lady", my girlie cruiser. It's been a few months since I got a flat tire.

    But then I've abandoned the bikepath and ride down the middle of the roads and highways.

    All the nails and **** gets kicked to the curb and shoulder by cars and larger vehicles.:detective:
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    lol. May be what he meant, but it was not what he said. I even repeated it back to him. "A puddle? Really? Puddles cause tires to become deformed? You don't say."

    As for the tire in a tire honest, I've never heard of that. And the huge nail I managed to pick up would have gone though it. Heck that could have gone through a car tire. Darn thing was about 4 inches long. HOW that stabbed my tire and didn't just get rolled over is a mystery. Probably a fluke too. Hopefully.

    I'll try the liner and heavy duty tubes and see.
  15. Happy Valley

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    Never liked the double tire idea personally, it can cause as much problem as alleviate with pinch flats and creating imbalance but the main reason is just too darn heavy.

    Decent tires with thorn resistant tubes and tire liners is what I've come to and hundreds of miles with no probs. Careful how you mount the liners though, they too can create more problems with pinching. I could never find good info online from the manufacturers on this. Took me a while and a couple pinch flaps to figure out never cut them, use the overlap and always lap them with the tag end pointing forward.
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    i would love to hear your reasoning on this one???how can an extra tire cause pinch flats?the tube doesnt know if its sitting under one tire or two???im still riding on the same far as weight yes 2 tires r twice as heavy as friction drive still does 30.i cant give my opinion on the liners they sell now cause i havent tried them.and if you havent tried double tires than you shouldnt give opinions on them neither.but yes twice as thick twice as heavy.thnnx for nocking my ideal tho:whistling:
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    Now guys, play nice! One idea doesn't make another idea wrong. I'd never have known about double tires until I read about it here. And that's what I wanted. Ideas on a better way.

    The bike shop (the over priced, too far away, hoity toity bike shop) left me hanging over a week. I finally emailed back asking what the status is, and was told "we are back ordered I suggest you find it on line." WOW. Way to blow off a customer ah?
    So... I DID order on line. Got new tubes and liners on the way. Hopefully.
  18. Happy Valley

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    If it works for you, great, 'nuff said.

    We all offer our opinions, that's what this is about. Nothing personal and not knocking it as your idea as it's been around for awhile. I try not to offer opinions on stuff I haven't tried and using a double tire as a liner is something I have tried on the rear wheel of one of my bikes.

    Pinch flats occur when the tube, because of inflation pressure, expands into gaps created by placing a liner into the otherwise smooth casing of the original tire. I've found, regardless if it's another bike tire or something like a tuffy, I have to be extremely careful laying in the liner not to create trouble spots. This has been particularly problematic on the friction driven bikes I have because the tire deflection by the drive spindle creates a once per revolution opportunity to slightly unseat the liner/tube arrangement each pass and allows the tube to fill any gap created and thus become pinched. Further, I think pounding over the road can cause some shifting in the liners.

    The complete context of my comment was:
    Never liked the double tire idea personally, it can cause as much problem as alleviate with pinch flats and creating imbalance but the main reason is just too darn heavy.

    There has been a learning curve, trial and error, but I've found using the cautions I mentioned in my previous post that lightweight kevlar liners do the job nicely without adding excessive weight.
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    good enough.i just hope i keep riding that THING with no flats.
  20. jharaszko

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    Armadillo tires.

    I have used an Armadillo kevlar rear tire now on my GEBE for over 2000 miles with no flats. Bike shop guy said this is what the police use for their bikes.