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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by davidsis, Apr 2, 2008.

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    Anyone have all bike parts minus the engine for sale, that would like to sell as a package deal?

  2. Dude. There's like 20 dollar bikes a plenty out there. Garage sales and flea markets.
    Do you mean like expensive roadie gear?
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    No what I am trying to say is a bike kit minus the engine, not the bicycle.
  4. Oh. Thorry. :grin:
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    These are my auctions. Did not realize it was a a cross post if I am answering his request. I jsut deleted it. It would be very easy to motorize, no different than morotizing the Dyno Roadsters which plenty of people have done. Would make a great conversion for a board track racer with clubman bars.
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    Ya, I think it could be motored pretty easy.
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    i got 2 kits, either of which i would sell without motor -- check them out.

    20 dollar bikes with gas engine kits are a recipe for a face plant -- just puttin' in my 2 cents --

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