Need check valve and in-lin primer bulb

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    I picked up an old Bike Bug, Spitz 2 cycle front wheel friction drive engine last week and need to replace the primer bulb and check valve. Its made by Tanaka and they don't make the parts anymore. I thought I could cobble together a bulb from a weedeater, mower etc. No joy there, did not work. After market primer bulbs usually come as one unit, an inlet and outlet. Not sure why, but the one I used didn't let the fuel flow after priming. Even reversed in/out. Basically, the primer bulb is on the tube (like a bulge) and the check valve, (between the bulb and the fuel pump) keeps the fuel from flowing back as you squeeze the tube. Any ideas for a source or how to construct a replacement?
    I really only need the check valve. It needs to fit on 1/8 fuel line tubing.

  2. hill climber

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    check with your local hobby store or maybe tower hobbies here on the net
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    yes -- maybe even a medical supply company -- for the check valve

    ride that thing
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    Check (heh) out an old Mr. Coffee machine. Or get the replacement check valve for a coffee maker from a small appliance parts house. Take your old check valve with you.

    Coffee maker check valves are usually made of stainless to deal with 212°F temps in the boiler.

    Have you cleaned the old one? They are so simple that a good cleaning will get them going again.

    Good luck

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    primer bulb should have a check ball in it or it would not work to pump fuel.
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    Small outboard motor fuel bulb at a marine supply store - has the check valve built in. You can easily neck down to smaller tubing if necessary.