Clutch need clutch side case!!!!!! and cylinder, please help

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by jasonpadilla, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Does anybody have a case for a grubee skyhawk 66cc?? The one on the right side??? And also a cylinder and head? I'm really really screwed !!! I drilled a bigger hole in my case cuz I stripped the threads but when I drilled the cylinder hole so the new threads would fit, it went thru the wall so my cylinder is destroyed and I want to replace the case so I don't have this problem again, honestly I don't have a lot of money and this is my only way to get to work, can someone please help

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    Can't help with the parts, but I'd appreciate you telling me how the threads pulled out in the first place. I'm compiling a list of things to watch for. My first thoughts are that a torque wrench wasn't used to tighten the nuts on the studs to begin with.
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    U r right al I did not torque the studs down, do u know of any place I can get a replacement case???
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    Thought so. When you get a replacement case trash the OEM (about a grade 3) studs and install metric grade 8.8 and lock tite them in. 6mm torque 50-60 inch pounds and 8mm 120 to 204 inch pounds. I use 50 and 150.
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    you might

    You might consider getting a new engine. they are fairly inexpensive and it might be a bit like a three dee model so you can see what is happening before it does. I am working on my second engine and I keep the first around just to see if the modes will "take".

    Just a thought.