Need cross 4 lacing instructions

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by MaxGlide, May 9, 2010.

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    Anyone have a link to a site with instructions on how to lace a wheel with a cross four pattern? I found lots of info on cross 3 lacing.

    Did the lacing with cross 3 and the spokes are just a bit to long since i went to a drop center rim.


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    I saw those but....

    I had found both of these but both sites say "if you are doing a cross four then simply pass under three spokes and cross over the fourth"

    In step 13 at do I go to the hole on the left or the right of where the crossing spoke is now (this being a cross three lacing)? I can't figure out where the fourth spoke comes from that I am supposed to cross.

    I guess I'll just keep doing it to see if I an figure out by trial and error.

    Thanks. guys....
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    Hi MaxGlide,

    It is hard to understand the cross 4 pattern when compairing the cross 3 as a guide. The reason is because the spokes are also the 4 pattern comming from the other direction and tilts the spokes at a bigger angle making it easier to see the extra cross.

    I wish I had a wheel with the cross 4 pattern and I could tell you the amount of holes between adjacent spokes, but every wheel I have is the cross 3 pattern.

    Are your spokes 10 5/8" long? The reason I ask is because I have boxes of vintage Schwinn spokes that are 10 3/4" long [don't have a clue what they fit], and lots of new edition Whizzer spokes that are 10 1/4" long.

    I do have a set of drop center rims with a new departure coaster hub and the spokes are 10 5/8" with the cross 3 pattern. ??????

    Have fun,
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    The hole in the rim that you go to does not change when building cross 3 or cross 4. The longer spoke allows you to put more twist in the hub and you pick up the extra cross at the hub end not out at the rim. On some cross 4 wheel builds the first cross is the spoke actually covering the head of the spoke next to it. The added twist of the hub provides more bracing/support for the spoke at the hub end, which provides the added/greater strength.

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    Sorry ii was wrong there.
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    ???? :thinking: huh?

    cross 5, all da way!
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    If I make make a suggestion.

    Did you use a good guide for spoke length calculation like a Sutherland's Bike Repair manual to arrive at your spoke length?

    Trying to take up your extra spoke length by switching to a 4 cross is fraught with problems, the biggest being the size of your hub's spoke flange. I'm going to say right now that you should be looking to buy a properly sized set of spokes for this build from the start.
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    check out how old the thread is....the lazarus post was a bit out of the blue, hence my :thinking: :jester:

    agreed though. just a few mm makes for a freaking nightmare! unless you get a spoke roller and/or a Z-bender.