need dimensions please Gebe

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    Hi there:
    I am putting together my ride but I need the dimensions of the lower mount strap and front mount strap as the system I am putting together will be similar to the gebe system. What is the thickness of the aluminum also? PM me please?

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    gebe dimensions

    Sorry my pm was off now you can use it.

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    The GEBE mount and strap are steel, not aluminum.

    The GEBE engine mount I have (bought late 2006) measures 1-1/8" x 3/16" thick.

    The front strap I couldn't find to measure, I ended up not using it. It was about 3/4" x 1/8" maybe, but it was a rather soft metal. I'd guess that this was so it was easier to bend in shape; I used a piece of 4130 steel and heated it with a welding torch when I put the engine kit on the first bike it was on, but plain 4130 that size would be pretty tough to bend cold.

    Also note: there have been a couple broken mounts (I know at least one, that was posted here) and numerous broken straps observed--usually where the holes are drilled through.
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