need engin question answered

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mattdps2, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Mattdps2

    Mattdps2 New Member

    Grubee Race 80/66cc Black SkyHawk Angle Fire Bicycle Engine Kit is what im getting from but idk whats the diff between that and the super rat other then 20 bucks

  2. wbuttry

    wbuttry Member

    probally nothing it is probally a gimmick to get you to spend more and get the same as the other and it could probaly be the name also that make it more expensive like nike vs starter never heard of starter have you it is just a name that makes it not the product
  3. Drylakerunner85

    Drylakerunner85 New Member

    i was reading on the grubee website and the bearings in the bottem end seem to be larger? does that have any benifits as far as engine life goes??? i wouldnt know if it makes a difference or not :confused: