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    Ok, folks.....here's the deal:

    I bought a pair of FRONT BMX wheels with 14mm axles, (ebay) for my next Tadpole project.

    I was looking at them yesterday..... the hubs are threaded on one side.
    I have one threaded disc brake adapter that fits the hubs. (pics below)

    also....the axle bolts are only 13mm...so they seem! (the axles are 1/2" fine thread, SAE !! go figure? )

    to my LBS...... Josh says...."dude, those are REAR wheels!!"
    he proceeds to screw-on a freewheel sprocket!! Dang!!

    no worries.... turning the wheel around & using my screw-on disc adapter will work out just fine for me.....woohooo!! my next tad, will have disc brake front wheels!!

    my problem...... Josh has NEVER seen this type of rotor adapter. & we couldn't find one in his parts catalog!! there are clamp-on adapters, for splined hubs.

    any ideas.......?


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  2. azbill

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    I remember that adapter :)(came to az with a sprocket, back to dave with a wheel)
    they are for flip-flop hubs
    (bmx'ers use em with different geared freewheels (turn wheel over, get different gearing)
    choppersus sells them...or they used to
    they do have a different 6-hole bolt pattern than standard rotors
    (remember I drilled that sprocket and it wouldn't bolt to my hub)

    not an expert...just tryin to help a friend LOL:)
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    If the 1-3/8-24 threaded portion is on the left, then disk brakes are OK with the thread-on adapter. When you apply the brakes, the adapter is forced tighter into the hub. If it were on the right side, though, applying the brakes would tend to unscrew the adapter...

    Now, as far as the adapter. I've seen them online before... I'll try to find them again.

    edit: Found it here. Look for Disk Adapter. It's not quite the same, but, close.

    Also, here, as the entire kit (adapter, rotor, and metric bolts/washers.) This one appears to be the same adapter, Dave.

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  5. srdavo

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    thanks a million guys....now I'm dripping with em!!! hahaha

    Bill's right...the adapter I have, has a bunch of miles on it...& it's never been installed!!

    I have the oddball, matching rotor for mine....so I'm almost 1/2 way there.

    thanks again guys!!