need fender suggestions please..

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by kraash, Jun 21, 2009.

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    :goofy:i striped the front fender off my del mar but i think the rear needs to go to.. its making all kinds of noise.. can anyone suggest some nice safe fenders that would look good on a cruiser? kinda looks dumb without the front one, and i dont want a line on my back either =)

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    I've seen others replace with some heavy duty chrome fenders. They look real nice but I am not sure they are from. You might call Worksmancycles. I think their chrome fenders are $25. Other than that check you local bike shop. I just replaced mine with polycarbonate Planet Bike fenders (sold everywhere). They wobble a lot but they will not come off.
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    I have a del mar with a rack. I sprayed 3 coats of rubberized undercoating on the rear rack and fender. Never heard a peep from them, but the front started vibrating loudly. Sure am glad it was the fender making that noise. I sprayed 3 coats of rubberized ubdercoating on it. Never heard a peep from it now. I taped the outside of the fender off and the curl on the edge, and the braces too. I sprayed the underside of the fenders and the braces too for reinforcement.
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    If you want pretty, look at woody's-fenders, he even builds compound curves, yeah pricey.I ordered a set for my recumbent so I'll soon know how they hold up.
    Hey Stoltz, you're right where I grew up, I'm glad I left before they chopped off Orange St. and the casino went up, I like remembering the mountain the way it was.
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    Berdoo isn't what it use to be, and I'm not staying here much longer.
    I wanted a bike I could carry things on, and commute with. I'm thinking about building another one in the future I can take on the fire roads. These bikes are fun.
  6. I don't like metal fenders of any sort on my bikes. Have you read the stickys about the horrors of fenders breaking and rolling under the tire, causing awful wrecks? they are real. I use polycarbonate fenders with stainless steel struts and hardware. Polycarbonate is the plastic they make bullet proof "glass" from. It is tuff and flexible and if SS suffers from metal fatigue, like aluminum and cheap steel, I haven't seen it yet. A set of polycarbonate fenders with all hardware runs about $40.00 from Planet Bike and several other venders. They come in black or silvery color, but you can paint them easily enough. I have one e-bike that eats fenders of any material or brand, but with the other 6 bikes I've built, 4 gas engined and 2 electric, I've never had any problems with the polycarbonate fenders. If I ever figure out why this one *#$%&* e-bike destroys fenders, I'll let you know
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    Sorry, I saw Fender suggestions, I was just going to say ditch the whammy bar.