need help after a crash ! plez!!!!!

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    Hey guys i built a skyhawk gt2a frame and i had a mishap a few weeks ago. I had my front forks break on me and i lost the steering bearings and everything else that holds the forks in the down tube. I need to replace all of that stuff as well as the forks as u can guess. My question is what kinda steering bearings and spacers do i need to get. I need to know if they have to be tapered or what not. Any help would be great im fine just the bike got messed up.

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    look online for a bicycle parts source and flick them a message asking the same and you're sure to get a good answer
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    The new bearing and cups depend entirely on what new forks you get.
    You can use whatever you want.

    What did you have on there that actually broke?
    A Spinger perhaps?

    I suggest suspension mountain bike forks with brake bosses, at least V brakes, dis bosses to so you can upgrade later if you want but at least V brake bosses.
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    Make sure you buy 1 1/8 headset and fork. They do make adapters to fit a 1" fork but it's not worth the effort. Good luck. My recommendation is the Monark fork.
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