Clutch NEED HELP : Back Wheel Locked

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by MPerrella23, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. MPerrella23

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    So I got a new 2 stroke 49cc kit (chinese for my first build) and when I put the chain on the back wheel locks up. I have scene other threads mention this but no one really describes how they eventually fix the problem.

    I was able to isolate that if I remove the spark plug, It frees it up so I know it has to do with the compression of the engine (at least I think I know) and, The clutch does nothing for it.
    Yes, the clutch is adjusted correctly and No, the chain isn't bunched in the side plate where the sprocket in the engine is.

    Any ideas and help are GREATLY appreciated!

  2. The_Aleman

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    Have you ever removed the cover underneath the clutch release arm? If so, you may have lost the little ball bearing that goes inside. If that ball is missing, the clutch will not release.

    Check that first!
  3. motorpsycho

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    even tho you say that the clutch is adjusted right, I don't think it is.
    when you pull the spark plug and try to turn the wheel, is the piston going up & down when you turn the wheel? is the clutch lever sqeeuzed in at this time?
    if so, you do not have the clutch adjusted right.
    of corse the wheel will spin when you remove the spark plug because there is no compression.
    with the clutch squeezed in, you should be able to turn the wheel and the piston should not be going up & down at this time. (with a properly adjusted clutch).
    if you have the clutch lever squeezed in, remove the spark plug, spin the wheel and the piston goes up & down, then your clutch is not adjusted right.
  4. MPerrella23

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    @ The Aleman, Its Still there, I made sure like 3 times haha
    @ Motopsycho, Ive read about 100 different threads on clutch adjustment, and from what I read and did, I'm like 99.99% sure it is, I'll of coarse heed your advice and try re doing it, then I will report back
  5. MPerrella23

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    I want to thank you for referring me back onto the clutch, I dug deeper and found out about the flower nut adjustment, and I got it working like a charm. Thank you so much man, I'm now almost 100% done with my first build!
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    good ol motorpsyco he knows his stuff:bowdown:
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    No problem....I enjoy helping people out.