need help building first bike!!

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    Hey guys I would like to know how to mount an engine onto a bike that I have. My budget is only about 50$ for the whole project. Need particular info associated with this particular bike. This is my first time so anything helps!! Thanks a bunch!!

    Just wondering how do I post the picture?

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    At the top left of the text window (when you reply to a post), click on the icon to the very left of the film strip. That will open the window to post pics.

    What size/kind of bike are you installing the motor to?
    Did you buy the motor as a kit or just the motor? The kit should have come with everything you nee IMG_20140722_140842.jpg FB_IMG_1413255836696.jpg d to mount and connect the motor (direct drive).
    Pics of the motor would be helpful too...
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    You gotta be real creative to pull off doing anything for 50 bucks.
    Look at the real old motorcycles and see how they converted the bicycle. Usually a rim attached to the back wheel acting as a pulley.

    When I was a kid I made a minibike with a 3 hp engine on it- solid tires chain drive from belt.

    My buddy made his onto a 26? inch bike frame with 20 inch wheels, he put a large sprocket onto the back wheel and a little one where the pedal crank was and a big pulley for belt drive from the motor, with an idler to engage the horse and a half motor.

    Both of us went the same speed= he had way lower rolling resistance.