Need help clutch problem

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    :-/My clutch is fully assembled but when i engage the clutch is doesn't work

    I tried- Disassembled the clutch put it back together did not work and some other stuff still did not work
    the clutch is as if it was not even on and it would just lock up i'v got no idea of the problem
    Please help

    I'm a noob BTW... first build - open to all experienced advised

    "" and also what oil should i use and what ratio ???? :whistling:

    !!--Thanks Please Reply--!!:idea::eek::thinking:

  2. crassius

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    when you are not pulling the lever, the clutch is engaged and the bike won't roll - when you pull it, the clutch is disengaged and the bike will roll

    first, adjust your clutch cable so that there is a small amount of slack (maybe 1/16inch) when the lever is not pulled

    open the clutch cover, and look to see if the pressure plate of the clutch moves outward when you pull the lever

    you should be able to roll the bike forward when this happens

    if not, then search this board for pics & steps to do adjustments on clutch
  3. dougsr.874

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    Take the clutch cover off of the Right side of the engine...verify that when clutch is pulled the pressure plate is coming outward.....clutch is adjusted by removing the small screw and tightening or loosening the flower nut in the center of the pressure plate....