Sprockets Need help deciding which rear sprocket to use, 34t or 44t ?

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11:15 PM
Jul 3, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
Ok, here's my situation, I had a custom made 34t sprocket from Andyinchville. However, I when it came I noticed it was quite thin in comparison to the stock 44t that came with my dax 70cc. After using it a few times I've notice the 34t got bent slightly, however I did love it. I got 40mph! on flat lands (my street name is literally called flatlands lol = )). I am in NYC where the road is relativly flat 95% of the time. Now my dillema is if I should keep the slightly bent 34t? Or switch to 44t. I will lose a tremendous amount from my top speed if i switch to 44t, i assume. During the Break In period I got it up to about 28mph (On the 44t). I dont know how much I will get now after the break in. I stop using it. So what should I do? Still use the 34t (which is slightly bent), or 44t? I figure that the chain will take up the bending ( I assume, correct me if im wrong). One thing I did like is the tremendous torque difference between the 44t and 34t. The 44t pulled off ALOT FASTER, and reached up to cruise speed alot faster as well. So what should I do. Stick with the 44t, or 34t? The 34t has many advantages over the 44t, but the only thing is that it is slightly bent. I tested this just puting it on a flat surface, and noticed it rises a little on one side. Anyway, I was planing on going as low as 32t. Now let me describe some of my riding conditions. I ride on streets, I stop like every 2-3 blocks, sometimes more, I like to cruise at high speeds like 30mph +.
HI Strontium,

I noticed the PM and post here so I thought I'd answer in both sections so others may benefit from the answer as well.....

Depending on how slight it is bent it should not pose a real problem....think about how much run out the typical sprocket has when being mounted using the factory 9 hole mounts....typically more than 1/8"....that is often up and down AND side to side....Very difficult if not impossible to get the factory set up better than this....How much actual bend are we talking about? I should have the tuned pipes (at least a few) out in about a week or so.....the added power will make the 34T sprocket easier to accelerate from low speeds while keeping a fast top end....I live in hilly VA and may change my sprocket to a 32T just to see how it works.


StrontiumEthics said:
Hey Andy, I purchased one of your sprockets in the past. but somehow it got slightly bent, but very slightly(My fault). I tested this by putting it on the floor, and noticed it had a slight elevation but very slight. I love the sprocket, I got up to like 39.5 mph (Crazy FAST!). So im wondering if I can still use this sprocket alothough it is slighly bent. I figure that the chain might take up the bend. Or if not what is a way I can bend it back?
Yes, how much is a slight bend? As long as the chain's not slipping, it doesn't sound broke to me. However, I am pretty anal about things like that, so I'd try and flatten it out with a hammer and two pieces of something to sandwich it... or get a vice, somethin'.

As for whether you'd prefer bottem end or top end speed, only you can decide that. I wouldn't want to go 40mph, but it's your bike. The 34t should give you a bit nicer cruising range, tho. Andy is definitely right that the tuned pipe and 34t sprocket would be an excellent match for about as solid of a ride imaginable without multiple gears. It almost makes me want a HT just to try them out.