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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by 210061741, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I have tried to post lots of good info here to help you all out.
    Hopefully from your experiences you can help me.

    I am getting ready to get a new engine.
    For sure HT style.
    I must figure out which one by next week.
    I need it bad.

    I almost have my heart set on a Grubee GT-4 new style for Q4 but it ain't gonna happen so fast.

    Next best option is the GT-5 with a slant head.
    But it still has the 202 bearings.

    Anyway i havent had trouble with my 202 bearings in the GT-2B.

    The GT-5 seems to be geared to higher quality but not as good as the GT-4.

    The only other chioce i have is the 69er from DAX.

    Which there is little info about.

    Other than apperantly it has larger cooling fins.

    So what you all think???

    I'm ready to buy the GT-5 cost more but i trust Grubee maybe more than i should.

    Also i will be tearing down and re assembling the motor before installation.

    Please help me make a wise descision.

    My Grubee gt-2b was damaged yesterday.
    My chain Jumped and busted through the casting wher the magneto is.
    Dosent look like it cracked into the Crankcase but the engine is acting like major high idle and i'm sure it is now leaking somewhere.
    Either a Crack i cant see or the chain exerted so much fore to the 202 bearing that the seal is now leaking.

    Luckily i run a the carb very rich so that should help my lean condition.
    But i want to get this motor off the bike before i toast it completly.
    Anyway iv' been hearing the needles making some noise for a wile.


    I need to order a motor today if i can.
    My bike is my ride everywhere / even work and mannnnn i hate the bus

  2. flashstar

    flashstar Member

    I'll go out of the way to support Dax. I believe that he has quality parts and I doubt that you will have any major issues if you go with him. If so, he has a 6 month warranty.