Need help finding brake adapter plate

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    I am using a 53-55 Schwinn (Cleveland Weld) bicycle for my next 4 stroke project. It only has coaster brakes and since I can't put a disk brake on the front fork I am going to install caliper brakes. Does anyone know where I can get a "Sturdy" L shaped mounting bracket to hold the brake on? Here is a picture of what it looks like now with this "flimsy" metal bracket.

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    Add a second, longer, stronger mounting plate on the back side of the the fork, horizontal, crossing the legs. You may need a longer brake pivot bolt to do that. If that doesn't work, you may need to put a drum brake wheel on the front. You could swap your blade fork for a mountain bike or bmx fork for better caliper brake mounting. There is also an ebay vendor that has springer forks with cantilever brake bosses. Finally, there is a way to convert a rear coaster brake wheel to a front drum brake wheel (I noticed an extra coaster wheel in the back of your pic). Plenty of options.
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    Can you weld? Put a bracket on the fork for a disc-brake. It's what I did to my Schwinn. I can't remember what year mine is but it has those same forks.
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    you can run disk brakes on the rear and then use a tophat adapter for the sprocket
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    Any pictures of the welded bracket on the Schwinn fork or the disk brakes on the rear with the tophat adapter?