Carby Need help finding new carb. what isn't junk? please help.

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  1. I've finally been able to put a bit of money aside for a better carb. Something in the $40-60 range all parts needed included. (choke,throttle cable, etc) First it seemed people were recommending the SHA 15 clone. Then it looked like people didn't like that it wasn't adjustable aside from the main jet and was hard to fix if it didn't work well out of the box. They would say to get the CNS carb. Then others would say the CNS is crap, the adjustments you can make on it (main jet aside) don't have any significant effect. and the newer ones don't even have an air/fuel mix screw (would love to see what the differences are in the V1,2 and 3 cans carbs)

    Jaguar recommends a Mikuni that is $85 just for the carb (no filter or anything) which is simply out of my range.

    I would really love some clear cut advice. Many people here are very knowledgable. I tend to have a lot of air/fuel mix problems. I'd like to have as much ability to adjust this as possible.

    • Tends to run rich with current NT carb no matter what i do (minus changing main jet)
    • Running a 40:1 oil ratio
    • No other mods at this point
    • Running at just about sea level (give or take a couple hundred feet max)

    • New carb with more adjustability
    • Would like to know what size jets to get and what sizes I'll likely need to experiment with
    • $40-60 range (or as close as possible)
    • Mainly looking for reliable 20-30mph operation. Not super speed. I need reliability > speed.

    I was thinking about getting a CNS carb, better air filter, and offset intake so it will fit.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read through this mess of a problem and taking the time to give your opinions.
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