Need help fitting twist shifter, throttle and brake lever on handle bars

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fletch, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Fletch

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    I just broke the twist grip shifter that came with my bike because i was trying to force it past the bend in the handle bars. I had to try this because the order I decided it logically needs to go is throttle, dual brake lever, and then shifter (end of bar inwards). I can't put the brake lever behind the shifter because it won't reach far enough. There's not enough room before the bars curve to have everything, so I decided the shifter would have to go on the bar past the bend where the bars angle down towards the headset (center).

    Now I'm out a shifter, and I'm trying to figure out what my options are. I know I could buy straight handle bars, but it's a cruiser and I'd prefer not to.

    This is the first multi-speed bike I've owned since I was a kid, and I don't know the ins and outs of the parts, so I don't know if a thumb shifter would work? I looked at some thumb shifters and they were sets (right and left). I have 7 spds, so is a 7 spd thumb shifter set for a 14 spd bike (left side plus right side)?

    My handle bars aren't crazy... just standard bars with slight curve in them. Would someone please help me figure this one out?


  2. buzbikebklyn1

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    Well Fletch... that's how it goes some times, don't sweat it.
    If you have a digital camera I suggest you take a few pics and post they so the other members can get a look at the curvature of the bars in question and offer some solutions.
    As we know there are special brake levers that are meant to work with twist shifters, the bar clamp/pedestal is taller and is off set slightly to reach over the twist shifty body.
    The dual pull brake levers on the market today are not designed to do this.
    You do have a few options.
    #1- Use a proper twist grip brake lever with a dual pull cable adapter. These consist of a 2 sided plate that first screw into the regular cable adjuster fitting, and an extended cable anchor that protrudes past the regular cable barrel end holes, out the sides of the lever.
    Effective, but ugly.
    #2- Use a trigger type, quick click shifter, these have very small bar clamps that should easily clear any obstacles.
    #3- If you must have a twist shifter, have you considered flipping the shifter up side down and putting it on the left side of the bars?
    It works ive done it, once you get used to the reverse shift pattern its actually kind of neat.
    If you can post a few pics it would help us help you.
    Please feel free to hit me up with a PM if you need more help.
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    Lots of info there Buz..thanks. Maybe you can extrapolate a bit for Fletch, and the rest of us. If you have a 7 speed derailleur, and want to go to a different style shifter, would I run into shift spacing problems. I seem to have problems going from like a twist to a click shifter, but I also have problems with the same shifter. Between rain, and frozen cables and the glacier dust that gets into everything, I've pretty much gone to friction shifters. Just keep pulling on the lever until it finally shifts, and back off till it stays there.

    You know you are abusing your equipment when you've been known to on your throttle cable to thaw it enough to get home. :ack2:
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    Sorry ibdennyak, my bad...
    I keep forgetting everyone's not a bike mechanic... I take certain things for granted.
    Of course I meant that the same compatible type of derailleur/shifter combo should be used.
    The use of a quick click 7spd. or a twist 7 spd. really make no indexing difference, theres always some fine adjustment required when changing shifters.
    Just flipping a standard 7 spd. twist shifter over to the left side bar and NOT changing anything else would be the simplest way of fixing this problem, along with the proper levers in the first place, the only differences would be shifting left handed and a reverse shift pattern.

    Its that easy.

    SHIFTING PROBLEMS? clean and lube those suckers!
    I mean ever inch of tystem, from lubeing the lever pivot to cleaning the derailure cable loop.
    Environmental crud just seems to love finding its way into the most delicate and precise parts... constant cleaning and maintenance is a must.
    The old friction shifters did there job, but shifting was iffy at best... its gotta be indexed or you never know what gear your gonna grab.
    Adjusting them correctly just takes a little patience, care and the instructions or a good bike repair manual, no voodoo involved.
    Belive me, I dont just wave my macic wrench at a bike on my stand and say "HEAL", it takes work and understanding HOW the system works and HOW they interact with eachother.
    As always I'll be happy to help any fellow biker out with a few pointers.
    45 years riding and repairing bikes of all kinds has got to count for somethging.
    Hit me guys..I'm open.
    (whatadoin insde? its nice out, go ride!)
  5. rob johnson

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    Put the shifter on the other side with the clutch. The gear #'s will be upside down but, it's fits well
  6. Fletch

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    I decided to order some handle bars with almost 10 inches before the bend. They are made by 3g bikes and I have a 3g cruiser so I knew they would work. I went to the bike store yesterday and they didn't have any bars over 7-8 inches before the bend.

    I am going to do like you guys suggest and put the grip shifter on the left side though. I still had to get longer bars though because I run into the same problem on the left side. Only instead of it being throttle, brake, and shifter like the right would be... it is matching grip (almost as long as throttle), clutch, and shifter. I noted the only way it would be different on the left is if I fabricated my own really short grip (even a standard bike grip is too long). That wouldn't match the throttle and is just enough space to rest your complete hand on.

    These are the bars I ordered with almost 10 inches before the bend in case anyone is in the same boat:

    On another note, I'm using their slicky (no tread) tires that came on my cruiser:
    only mine have a white wall.

    I'll let you know how it turns out when my bike is all together.
  7. Fletch

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    I thought I'd post a pic of what I'm talking about. As you can see, the setup won't work on the left side handle bar either unless I make a grip for those few inches. Considering that your hand rests over the shifter as well, it would actually work out well and be enough room. With the matching throttle grip you have that raised silver lip at the end, so you can't have your hand on the shifter; you have to take it off the grip to shift. I already ordered the longer handle bars, but I may make my own grip or use a standard bike grip so I can have my hand on the shifter. It won't match the throttle, but at some point convenience trumps aesthetics!

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    I had 24 speeds on my motorized bike. After converting to shift kit, I removed the front derailleur shifter. Then I installed both brake cables on my right-side lever. My friend Rick's throttle lever broke, so I gave him mine. Then, instead of buying another throttle lever, I re-installed the left-side brake lever and installed my throttle cable onto it.

    So now, I have a rear derailleur shifter and brake lever on the right-side, then a left-side brake lever as a throttle lever. Also on the handlebar is a kill switch on the left-middle and speedo on the right-middle. Soon to be installed is a tiny tach/hour meter on the right-middle.
  9. buzbikebklyn1

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    I happen to like a throttle LEVER instead of a twist throttle, I've used them on a number of my friction drive set ups and were always pleased with the responsiveness.
    they are also nice if you happen to have a bit of arthritis in your wrists and squeezing is easier than twisting.
    Rock on
    Shiny side up.
  10. Fletch

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    I was considering a lever, but I wasn't sure if my thumb would get tired or sore holding it in on long rides? I'd like to try one. I supposed i could easily use a brake lever or on extra thumb shifter that came with the CNS carb I have lying around.
  11. Fletch

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    Here's the new handle bars.... Much more room!

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  12. buzbikebklyn1

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    As they say in the neighborhood...
    "give ida shot, it cant hoit!"