need help fixing the bugs in my motorized bicycle

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by dotcom, May 19, 2014.

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    Hi, my bike stopped working for the first time in months and I could not figure out what was the prob. So I changed most of the gaskets and just now put a new NGK spark plug and I am getting spark but when I try to start it, it seems like it wants to start and it sputters but won't completely start . My bike has one of the upgraded $70 carbs (unsure the exact model) but I tried atleast 5 minutes to try and start it but still won't start. At first it seemed like there was too much gas flooding it so I tried another couple minutes but still won't start. Im thinking it's still flooded. Please advise me how to make sure it's not flooded or how to unflood it. Thankss

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    You may have tried these already but here are some ideas:
    New fuel filter
    Hole in the carb float (no longer floats)
    Check needle valve above the float for debris.
    Gas tank no longer vents, causing vapor lock.
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    I still think its flooded since its been siting a couple weeks but if I find out how to, I might just check for that
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    The best way I know of to "unflood" a two stroke is:
    1. Turn the gas off (close the petcock).
    2. Lay the bike on it's side, you will see the the gas drain from the carb. Wait for the float bowl to completely drain.
    3. pick the bike up, leave the petcock closed and try to start the bike with the throttle wide open. Keep pedaling with the throttle wide open until it starts to pop and tries to start. You might try a new plug if you have one but it's not always necessary

    By draining the float bowl and turning the motor over with WOT if the motor is in fact just flooded that should clear it up.