Exhaust Need Help: HT Exhaust Clearance

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wrngway, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. wrngway

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    The exhaust on my HT engine won't clear the front engine mount. I need to bend it about 10 degrees outward to fit. I'd use spacers, but that might cause a problem with pedal clearance.

    I'm looking for a safe way to bend it with simple tools. I tried inserting a large screwdriver for leverage and used my body weight, but that's not working.

    Any other ideas?

  2. wildemere

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    Heat it up in a vice, works for me.

    Dont try to bend it attached to the engine, the studs might strip out
  3. MotorMac

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    exhaust bending

    Wildemere is right, I had the same problem, mark with a marker where you need to bend the pipe,clamp it in a vice and heat the area to be bent with a propane torch until its as hot as you can get it, it will change color, now take a large screwdriver or steel pipe and put into the pipe up to the point of your bend, very gently apply pressure in the direction you want to go a little at a time. Hope this helps. A welding torch is quicker but propane works too, takes a few minutes to get the right temp. Mac
  4. FWIW the pipe can be bent with out heat but takes a little more OOmph to do so....depending on what tools tools you have available....probably the easiest method is the strong vise mounted on a big table....I suppose in a pinch 2 large pipe wrenches may be able to do it but may mar the finish of the muffler in case that is a concern....

    Hope this helps you....Good Luck on your build.

  5. wrngway

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    Wow...thanks for the help! I'll have to wait till this weekend to get access to a good vice and propane torch. Clearly I don't have enough oomph to do it the hard way.
  6. I lag screwed mine to the work bench by the mounting flange, heated it up to cherry red and bent it out..
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