need help indentifying a 2 stroke

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    ok just got my donor engine from mini scooter and was wondering if any engine guru's could help me identify it, rescued the scooter from the scrap heap and tore it all down, got the engine out and before i tear it down i just wanted to know what type of engine it was so i could find the appropriate tear down manual, any info would be appreciated, thank you all in advance !


    ok just googled this mini scooter (cause google is my friend) and seems it was sold by a few companies under different brands Early model 33-49cc scooter typically without any plastic body parts and has 8 1/2 x 2 tires. Found under brand names such as Boreem, G-scooter and Jet-Star. My question is now how to positively know how many cubic centimeters this engine has ... thanks again

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    That engine would have from 25-35cc. I can't narrow it down any more than that.
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    I have one similar, from a scooter. I believe mine's 43cc.

    Chinese copy of a mitsu or a tanaka.

    Not sure where to find any manuals or spec info.