Need help installing componets of front hub electric

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by dougsr.874, Sep 26, 2011.

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    This is my first endeavor into hub electrics....I bought a kit from BGF, its a 24Volt ,350 watts....What I got consists of the motor,wheel, with tire, the controller, a metal piece about 3X5 inchs, which contains the key, charging port, and a fuse....a luggage rack, and 2 brake levers with wires going nowhere.....No instructions on how to mount any of this....where do you mount the metal piece with key, where does the controller go...I rather not have the controller in the battery bag in case I'm riding and want to carry an extra battery kit..I bought a Schwinn Clairmont bike from Walmart and have the front wheel hub motor on the bike...I'm at a loss as how to handle the rest of the install....I think I searched the threads here and watched a Youtube video...Any help or advice would be appreciated....

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    Ditch the brake levers, the wires plug into the controller and cut the throttle off if you pull the brake levers as a safety feature but you can just leave them out usually.. keep your stock brakes imo.

    Mount the controller to the bike using double sided tape and some zip ties so that it gets good air flow ( dont burry it in a bag, it will overheat , most likely )

    You can connect the battery to the controller directly with Anderson Powerpoles or equivalent connectors, or put the key switch/fuse inline between them, they are usually cheap **** and best left un-used..

    Remember to disconnect the battery from the controller when you step off, the controller draws power even if the motor is not powered and this can drain your battery to death if left for a long time.