need help making my bike run...

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DJ_JS9, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. DJ_JS9

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    Hey everyone, I'd like to start by introducing myself, my name is Jaimen and I am from Portland Oregon...

    Anyway I am somewhat new to this bike scene and completley new to carburators.... I have a mechanical background in cars, just never worked on anything old enough to have a carb...

    so my problem is in order to get my bike to run i have to hold down the prime button till fuel comes out of the carb, then once its running it cuts in and out power, no power, power, no power... and does a little four stroking.... then will completley lose power no matter where i put the throttle, but will come back if i reach down and hold the prime button while i coast, but sometimes runs just fine... cant get it to idle though, either dies or the rpm skyrockets... no in between i have tried adjusting the idle screw played with the c clip on the slide needle a little... just looking for a little advise before i tear into this thing...

    thanks in advance...

    sorry for being a noob lol


  2. butre

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    how does it run with the choke on?
  3. jaguar

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    you have an air leak which causes it to run too lean which is why it wants to either do nothing or rev to the moon (but not under load)
  4. DJ_JS9

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    actually i figured it out... the slide needle jet i beleive is what it is called, unthreaded and the main jet was actually on the bottom of the bowl... tightened her up and all is well i even have a smooth idle now..... but as it is my luck, fix one problem get another.... my gas tank is now leaking from the right rear stud... other than the leak bike runs perfect now...
  5. DJ_JS9

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    but thank you guys sooo much for the replies, its awesome to have a good community where i can ask questions and get awnsers from people who know what they are talking about!
  6. HeadSmess

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    get one of those big soldering irons, (old plumbers copper block if you can... use the blowtorch to heat it away from the tank...) clean up around the base of each stud with a file, place a washer over the stud, and solder the stud and washer on tight using acid flux(plumbers) preferably. do all four while at it. done it to every tank ever since the first one leaked. easier when theyre new. welding is not a good idea, regardless.

    the main jet will be just the tiny lil brass screw doodad at the bottom, the needle jet will be the main brass tube "straw" sorta thing... mmmm, i likes my correct nomenclature. so that doodad has to be tight in the other thingy that has to be even tighter in the whojamacallit, the carb... but not silly tight like.

    grats. self fixed :)
  7. Fabian

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