Need help/new stretch cruiser/coaster brake



I built another stretch cruiser with a 3 inch tire I've been working on this problem for 2 days and need help. To clear the tire I had to put spacers between the sprocket and wheel, I moved the axle over a bit to the left to spread the frame out to the left and make everything clear, everything looks and feels ok until I ride but everytime I ride it the insides of the hub loosen and the wheel starts wobbling like crazy.

It has been taken apart and reassembled numerous times in 2 days...I just dont get it. At this point I want to do away with the coaster brake as a new disc brake will be here in a few days.

The sprocket is slightly off center and I need to get it perfectly centered but it is extremely difficult and I could have to cut one spoke....could that be it?

1. I need a solution for the loosening in case I could still use the coaster brake.

2. How do I just make it work without the brake? I assume I just use a single speed freewheel?

There are pictures in my gallery that could help:


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On the bike spocket side- do you have the jam nut tightened down on the cone? I mean so tight you think it will never come off again?

The only way this can happen is if the rotation of the wheel causes the cone to rotate on the axle- which it is not supposed to do. I had this happen before and that was it.
providing i read your pics correctly

ok, the "race/spacers/another race" setup i see there? that has to be a solid piece, tho you could try REALLY tightening it all together...when anchored to the stay, the coaster-arm is the lock that keeps the insides from turning when you hit the brake...i bet your inner-outer race is spinning on the axle independantly when you try to stop. ta-da...loose bearings.

i think the other thing you are asking about is the "free-coaster" thingy...there's some links somewhere here.
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Ok I didn't have a 15mm cone wrench but I just went and bought one, I believe that is turning. What you see in the picture? I have redone now, but I know what you mean, I believe this will work now but we'll see..

Yes having the right wrench really helps things along....thanks guys, problem solved, on to the next....

This is the first time I ordered one of the black mufflers and believe it or not the black paint burns right off these mufflers! I pulled up to the house and the **** thing looked like it was on fire! Had to pour water on it so my nosy old lady neighbors wouldn't call the FD!
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coasters need those races & locknuts nailed, no doubt.

i always get a bit jealous when i see the micargi(?) stretch...when i got started i came very close to buying one instead of sabrina, but nope it won't fit...there's just not enuff "inseam" for my long legs unless i use a hokey tall seatpost. i guess i wouldn't mind snagging a frame someday and trying the banana seat trick.

have fun :cool:
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Funny thing is I always got away without a cone wrench, and I had othe bike mechanics telling me just put it in a vise and tighten etc its wasnt, I needed that wrench. Took me two and half days of working around it to figure that out.

gotta love that frame. I have a black double springer and a headlight on the way, havnt put the fenders on yet but its a neat bike fer sure...
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Here's that link on free wheel coaster hubs. It's rather easy to do.
I did this to mine and eliminated that coaster arm.
They don't mention the washer size. It's the same size as the washers on your axle.
You can find those at hardware stores.
Look closely at the exploded pics. You may have something missing in yours.
how is your chain tensioned ???
looks interesting, but I can't tell how it's done
those stretches are definitely sweet tho