need help please carb leaking at filter

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    so i have a gt5 skyhawk 2 stroker/ntcarb/ ngk plug, the bike will start up no problem, but wont rev up just bogs at anything more than 1/3-1/2 throttle/ also theres some gas comming out of the airfilter when its running,so i messed with the tangs in the bowl and still same problem, the motor wants to rev up but but will not, would a billet intake maby help with the gas flow or no, i cant tell if its getting to much gas or not enough. any help would be appreciated

  2. srdavo

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    With gas coming out of your air filter... I would have to guess too much gas.

    I'll bet there is something keeping your needle valve from seating properly.
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    soulds like too much gas and its flooding.
  5. srdavo

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    agreed..... check the simple things first!!
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    so i adjusted the clip to run leaner/ thiers nothing blocking the needle seating, the slide dosent seem like its sliding smooth though,but still wont rev up when throttled and ive no idea what to do next the carb pics and instructions were great for someone that understands the lingo about the jet diamaters and such, i just want this new motor to run like it ran a few weeks ago nice and smooth and i do not beat on it never have never will unless its with a hammer, in essence its still leaking gas from the airfilter which i am still unsure how to stop and its still bogging out completely just over 1/4 throttle not to mention the throttle cable is so long it pops out of the top of the carb even with the adjustments on the top of the carb and the throttle fully out
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    Does your float float?
  8. motorbiken

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    yes it does does it matter which side its placed in there. meaning the float where its preformed from the 2 pieces is closer to the top on one side more than the other of the float
  9. motorpsycho

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    if the slide is not sliding smoothly, you have it in wrong, it can go in 2 different ways but only one way is right.
    long slot in the slide goes to the right side of the carb and lines up with the pin that's cast into the inside of the carb body.
    short slot in the slide lines up with the idle adjustment screw.
    if gas is spitting out of the carb, that's normal for a 2 stoke.
    if gas is flooding out of the back of the carb, then your float is set too low.
    if your float is set too low, the exra gas will flood over into the engine and give the results that you are describing. too much gas getting into the engine (flooding over).
  10. motorbiken

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    yes thanks i am aware how the slide fits in with the 2 grooves but on 2 carbs i have one it wont even drop down into the carb the other is getting to the poing that it wont slide properly, sigh this is so frustrating
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    ready to toss it out a window

    im ready to throw my hands up in the air and forget about gas bikes alltogether these pos are nothing but problems. i have a gt5 with nt carb the thing ran beautiful for about a week or so now the gas is comming out the aftermarket filter, it bogs out when i give it gas and the slide in the carb when checked is not sliding smoothly anymore
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    help needed

    That is definitly a float valve issue, you mentioned it ran good then it didnt somthing has changed, my guess would be the valve is staying in the open position which alows gas to continualy flow.
    Remove your carb with the bowl on it dump all gas out of it put a hose on the fuel intake
    and blow on the hose as your blowing on the hose turn the carb upside down, if its working properly when you turn it upside down the float valve will engage and you wont be able to blow through it.
    This process mimicks the fuel rise and fall in the carb your float valve is the only thing that regulates fuel flow in that carb.
    good luck
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    ready to toss it

    One thing that you must get used to with these bikes is the fact that you do have to continually wrench on it.
    I have 3,000 miles on mine and a week doesn't go by that i am not fixing or changing somthing.
    Take your time do your homework do let it get to you.
    You have a stickey float valve in your carb, someone else just posted a similar problem locate that post just above yours and i posted a testing procedure for float valve problems.

    good luck
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    That post is titled NEED HELP PLEASE
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    level Headed

    Make sure that the carb/engine is mounted in such a way that the carb float bowl is near to level as it can be. Other wise it will only run good when on a steep hill and the float is level where it should be.

    Peace and Party on.. Wayne
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    Half the fun is getting to work on these things all the time. Well... maybe not quite half :goofy:
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    He is aware of that thread....instead of searching he started it.

    This thread will be merged with it. Introduce yourself is not the place for it.

    I suggest reading these threads then searching for more and posting in the relevent thread.

    Patience is the key.

    Please use the search function and post in the proper forums.
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    take the float bowl off and make sure that the float has not cocked sideways in the bowl. sometimes with vibration, and the way the float is designed they can cock sideways and get wedged, causing the needle & seat to stay open all the time.
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    I am having a similar issue with my gt5. Over a few good rides, my air cleaner starts to get caked with fuel until it is entirely saturated. However my bike seems to be running ok. Psycho mentioned something about the float being set to low? I didn't know the float could be adjusted on the NT carbs?
  20. crassius

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    under normal conditions, fuel gets spit back onto the filter - just wash it once in a while

    float needs adjusting only if fuel is dripping out of the filter while engine is not running