Need help... Question about repairing a pedal

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    Hey everyone, its been months since I've last posted!!

    Anyways, I have a 10yo bicycle which is essentially still new... Well, its not mine, its my brothers... Lemme give you a brief story which will lead into my question...

    About 10 years ago, Pepsi had a promotional deal called 'Pepsi Stuff', where you could collect there 'Pepsi Points' to trade in for stuff they had in a catalog. My brother (who is autistic) got the catalog, and decided right away he wanted the collect enough points to get the Mountain Bike they offered (almost 3000 points for it)... He collected points from everywhere, and finally saved enough to get the bike.

    The Bike came in the mail, and I wanted to put it together--rather simple... front tire, adjust the breaks, put on the pedals... I was about 15 at the time, and neglected to use common sense while putting one of the pedals on, and I started it cross-threaded... Rather then taking it off to put it on right, I figured I needed to muscle it on instead (DOH!)...I ended up cross threading the pedal... Got it on, and took it out... and after about 5-10 minutes, the pedal started to wobble, and eventually stripped all the threads off the arm. AAAAAND I ruined the bike my brother spent all this time and effort on... He never even got to ride it :-(

    So 10 or so years later, the Bike still sits in our basement... broke and sad. He doesn't care about the bike anymore, but I want to fix it as I still feel guilty about what happened. I know the bike's value is rather low... I don't think its much more then a cheap mountain bike with pepsi and fila stickers slapped on it. Not to mention, I have literally no money...

    Is there any way I can fix it? The pedal itself is ok still... the arm is ok minus where the threads are for the pedal... Is there any way to get a pedal with a thicker bolt pattern and re-tap the existing arm? I looked for replacement pedals, and only found 1/2inch and 9/16inch... I would need something thicker then 9/16 im sure because it is boared out really good in that... The local bike shop said it would be a minimum of $50 to get replacement parts for it... I don't have $50, and the bike itself is not worth $50, so its hard to justify that.

    I know its not a motorbike related question, but I thought maybe someone could help me on this... I can take pictures in the morning if it would help. Thanks alot everyone, and sorry I got so long winded!:whistling:

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    Hmmm I think I found the best solution... Buy a new crank and a crank puller to get the old one off... its the left pedal thats screwed up, so since its not the side with the gears, this should cost me around $20 which I can make happen...

    Sorry, guess I should have done more research before I posted... But if anyone else has other ideas, I would still love to hear em!
  3. Happy Valley

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    You're on the right track.
    You can use a heli-coil but the cost to have it done or buy a kit is usually more than a new crank. You're kinda fortunate it's the left crank arm, you can sometimes find just a "left" as a replacement. Match the numbers and look on fleabay. I've found them there for under $10 plus shipping. Or check your LBSs for used. The right crank arms are harder to match.
    I don't know what kind of crank your bike is using, but if it's a 3 piece a new and serviceable low end crank can be had for around $30.

    And yeah, you'll need a crank puller.
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  4. bluegoatwoods

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    You'll only need a crank puller if that's a 3 piece crank. A low-end "prize" bike would seem more likely to have a 1 piece. If that's the case, then finding a replacement in the garbage is easy enough.

    Or if it is a 3 piece, then the bike is likely worth putting $50 or so into it.
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    ok, sounds good... how would I remove a 3 piece crank then? I took the nut off that was holding crank on... then It would not come off. If I looked under where the bolt was, there was a narrow square opening or something that I think was still holding it on... Sorry it seems like a novice question, but I really dont know the difference between the single and three piece cranks... or which one that bike has...

  6. Mountainman

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    sounds like a three piece
    and yes a puller may be required
  7. bluegoatwoods

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    Yup, that's a 3 piece. A puller is almost certainly required. Those square cuts on the crank and the spindle are tapered just a bit, so that they're "wedged" together.

    You could get a puller at an LBS or online. BikepartsUSA is likely enough to have them.

    I don't know the price, but I'm willing to bet that they're inexpensive.
  8. one time i needed to get a arm off a 3piece and didnt have a puller so i used a jigsaw to cut the arm off,then a flat screwdriver and hammer to wack it off,it worked.then you can put a new one on.

    but you might find that a simple puller will be easier.
  9. Mountainman

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    got point made

    I forgot we are not putting the old one back on

    cut through that THING with a hacksaw in about 5 min

    careful not to get into the spindle

  10. dudeimarobot

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    I wouldnt waste anytime drilling/tapping/helicoling it. Go to your local bike shop and get left side crank arm. Shouldnt cost no more than $20. Get a 3 peice crank puller and tighten the puller fully into the crank arm before extracting it.