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  1. derg

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    I'm in Nova Scotia. I know it's been asked before, but I couldn't find it- what kind of bike is best to use, and is on the cheaper end? Do the number of speeds matter? (I have an older 15 speed Raleigh Mountain bike). Any links to this information would be fine, thanks and congrats on a great forum.

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    Welcome to the forum, lots of good info here. Just read till your eyes bleed.

    I will give you my opinion in answering your questions. Diamond design frames are the easiest to install kits on, Cruiser types can be done but typically require some extra fabrication of some type.

    The amount of gears on your bike make no difference since the typical drive system on these are separate from your bikes chain drive system.

    Have fun
  3. derg

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    Thanks, I think mine will do- my frame is a scalene triangle- lots of room.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard. Chances are your bike will work and you'll likely have a very nice machine.

    Have fun.
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    yes -- welcome and good luck with the building of your motor bike

    we think that you will find that it's much fun as you

    ride that thing
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    Bike Types

    Welcome to the forum! I have a Huffy mtn. bike and it's old. But it's fast! I ride a Schwinn Point beach that's brand new also. Two diffrent breeds. Crusin'
    or all out ridin' My Huffy is my favorite. The Schwinn is eye candy. I love both dearly.:rockon: I'm 53 going on 19.