Need help & Suggestions for My Motorized Gas Bike-Onyx 29 Inch Bike Made by Genesis

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by micchael, May 9, 2013.

  1. micchael

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    Would anyone here on this forum be able to help me out on suggesting and/or providing me with some helpful links for me to see which automatic clutch would be compatible to my 29 inch onyx genesis bike that has a manual clutch on it with an nt carburetor and it's a 2 stroke engine?

    I need someone here that is an expert or very knowledgeable about automatic clutches to be put on motorized bikes. I have a 29 " onyx black bike made from genesis. It's a regular bike. However, a while ago a motor was installed on it, which is a 2 stroke engine with a functioning manual clutch. However, i am trying to make life easier for myself if i can to see if i can get an automatic clutch that would be the right fit for my "onxy 29 inch black bike made by genesis". Does anyone or do any of you all know which automatic clutch would be the right kind for the bike for which i am describing here? If so i'd appreciate if you can to provide me with the different name brands of the auto clutches that could be a good fit for my bike so that i can operate my motorized gas bike more easily and conveniently in lieu of having to use my manual clutch. Also, it is possible for me to get an auto clutch that would be the right type for my bike at a price less than $100? Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Confucious say Fabian should answer this. His clock runs backwards but he'll come scurrying along
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    Darwin, i do not understand what you are telling me at all. How is this supposed to be the answer to my questions? I'm serious, this does not answer my question nor is it helpful at all. I'm serious, either help me or don't.
  4. darwin

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    Patience grasshopper patience, a lot of folks can help you and will. Earlier post was a jest at Fabian about HT clutches which he knows about HT clutches and was trying to teach me.
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    not sure how having a centrifugal clutch would make things easier for you, but some folks like them

    never used one myself, but I read here on the forum that having one usually makes the engine hard to start unless you also put on the pull start adapter

    as darwin said, fabian would know more
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    It seems like you're wanting to meet Florida's moped requirements. If you don't meet Florida's moped requirements it won't be allowed on the public roadways.

    Florida law: Title XXIII, 316.003.

    (77) MOPED.—Any vehicle with pedals to permit propulsion by human power, having a seat or saddle for the use of the rider and designed to travel on not more than three wheels; with a motor rated not in excess of 2 brake horsepower and not capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour on level ground; and with a power-drive system that functions directly or automatically without clutching or shifting gears by the operator after the drive system is engaged. If an internal combustion engine is used, the displacement may not exceed 50 cubic centimeters.

    Station Inc and EZ sell kits that can meet these requirements.
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    I've had two or three people bring me these 29" bikes in for repair...All of them had some of the rear spokes ripped out.....don't think the spokes in a 29" bike are strong enough to motorize.