Need help to find out maker of bike frame. It is not a Schwinn

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by john morrow, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. john morrow

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  2. john morrow

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    I bought the bike for 150.00 i was told it had been in storage for 5yr. I had the hold motor replaced with a 66cc motor. I would like to know who made the frame. It is very solid the tubing is thick. I have a total of 400.00 in the bike.
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  3. Frankenstein

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    Are you definitely not a schwinn? It looks like a cut and modded frame
  4. gary55

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    Looks like one of the occ choppers that schwinn made, but the chain and seat stays look different. Occ's had rectangular tubing. Could be a copy. Looks like they did a good job fabing the engine mounts.
  5. john morrow

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    Def. Not a Schwinn. Who ever made it did a good job.
  6. skyash

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    I got some no name chopper with built on engine size with 4inc by 26inc back wheel same seat as you but the tensioner is welded on super thick frame .and it broke where your tensioner is and bent to the left and wore the wheel bearings flat on one side. Hole bike new in box with motor $500 tdr moto sell them
  7. john morrow

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    This bike was put together with Japanese handlebars and rims. Definitely not out of box. Had the frame x-rayed and all weld's solid.