Need help with 2 strokes engine wires

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    OK... here's the thing... i got a nice chopper bike and bought an engine from ebay... the guy didnt sent me any instructions and is the first time am doing this so i found trouble on doing so but a little bit of comon sense helped me out.... but i have this problem... the kit comes with the throttle that has two wires comming from it.... one is green and the other one is yellow with a red stripe... the guy said that the green was the ground and the yellow with red was going to the white wire... now what exactly is the white wire for??? because every time i read a post about the wires it says something different about the white wire.... and also ... how do i make the ground with the green wire>? please if someone can help me out with this since i asked a few times to the seller of the kit but i think maybe they got tired of my questions and they are kind of mean to answer... is the first time i am building a motorized bike and i think it is the best! i really like it and hope to keep learning from it... i got the kit last week and placed on the bike already but havnt been able to turn it on yet... and that sucks! please all help i can find would be amazing! thanks a lot!.... Manny.

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    welcome to MBc, nofear.

    just forget about the white wire....forget it. really.

    the wires coming off your throttle are for the kill switch. hook one (either one. doesnt matter) to the black wire from engine. hook the other to the blue (or green) wire coming out of engine. the reason which wire doesnt matter, is because to kill the motor, the object is to ground it out.
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    Welcome Nofear! Never feel like any question you have is dumb. We help each other, always, that is what the forum is about:)