Need help with a HUGE Problem. Assistance needed please!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by StrontiumEthics, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Heres the deal, I brought a bottom end from Its great n all but, I originally had a Dax70cc head. So I thought that I could combine the two and make a new engine. There was one problem. The bottom end that I brought from Revolutioncycles did not come with the head bolts. I thought it was no big deal, so went to home depot and picked up a 3' long threaded rod 1/4 in size. Then I got a 1/4th drill bit and slightly englarged the hole. Now not knowing I thought I could make new threads, but I didnt. Instead, I just made a hole. Is there anything I can do? or do i have to just buy a whole new bottom end again? Will a slight weld do the trick?

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    You might be able to get a tap and make the threads in the 1/4 hole that you made but to be honest I have never had to do it so I am not sure...

    If you can't there are products available - i think one is JBWeld - that dry to the hardness of metal that might allow you to redrill the hole slightly smaller and then tap it for the 1/4 threaded rod you intend to use.

    My suggestion would be take it to a local engineering shop and ask their advice on the situation - or talk to someone knowledgeable..

    As I said I havent been in that situation before - and its situations like that that make me lary of building a CIF machine..

    Jemma xx
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    at this point
    it seems that a slight weld would be about the best shot
    you know -- I weld a little -- very little
    and for all of my welding needs such as this
    I take it to my friend -- he welds all types everyday -- can't beat an expert !

    I think that Jemma has it -- sometimes best to go out and find the pro's...

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    You could get a Hel-coil kit, for the 1/4" rod, and it might be large enough, to repair the hole
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    IF my math is correct, you say you drilled a 1/4" hole???

    If so, you could tap that with a 7mm tap and buy bolts from HM or Lowes to secure it....

    Just my idea of saving the head!
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    You will need help, Very simple repair for a machine shop. Take it into any auto machine shop let them fix it. They will have several options depending on bad you boogerd it up. Sounds like about 20 min work to repair with the proper tools. Unfortunately with shop rates as they are you will come close to the same cost as a new unit:mad: