Need help with a Xmas present i bought

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    First off thamks for any and all help! My pops (71yrs young) has always wanted a motorized bike. He tinkers with everthing from clocks to heavy equipment and has lots of everthing inbetween. I bought this bike at a auction yesterday for $70.00. I would like to find out about the bike and motor and is it a factory built motorized bike? I need some parts to make it complete such as seat. fenders, side cover for motor, any other sheet metal, a lever on the motor that appears to be broke and anything elese you guys/gals can come up with. Where to buy parts? Pops is not one for something that looks new more of a Ratrod kinda guy like his 55 dodge pickup rat or his 39 chevy rat. Thanks again for any help. Ros

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    Here is a starting point if you google motorized bikes you will find more info good luck.
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    It's hard to see in the picture, but it looks like you're missing the carburetor. That mounts to the rear of the engine & is what the throttle cable will connect to.

    The bike looks like an older beach cruiser. Very nice bike. The engine was definitely mounted to it by someone after they bought the bike. I can't say what size engine it is, but it's gotta be a 49cc or a 66/80cc. The lever on the engine is probably the clutch lever. That will be the only other thing on the engine, besides the carburetor, that is connected to a cable. is a terrific place for parts. I think there's an engine diagram on his site too.
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    Two important things before you get it rolling, hand brakes and make sure those handle grips aren't going to slip off.For parts I usually buy a neglected bike off craigslist, then at least you have two of everything "bike" laying around.
    Neat foundation.
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    I am fairly sure that bikeberry has some good deals on fenders.

    That motor looks awsome! almost like a old school HT.

    EDIT : just noticed your from Georgia, nice to see another one exists around here :grin5:
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    From the pics this engine has breaker points ignition....I've been involved with these engines since about 2008, and I've NEVER seen an engine like this......Finding parts will be difficult...unless someone has an old engine for parts...
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    Thanks for all the info.
    Went to thatsdax site great prices and i will order carb, grips ect from them but i think i need to know what motor it is to get the right carb.? Dougsr .... I hate to hear you and i guess everone else that looked at the motor can't tell me who makes it. Can anyone think of someone i can send the pic to that might know? The bike is a Werstern Flyer anyone know a ruff guess of the year? Anyone have any parts that might fit that i could purchase via paypal? Thanks again Ros
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    Wow...great present! sounds like just what Your Dad will like!
    Ya got a great deal on that,no telling what its wont be easy,may take awhile.
    Id suggest tell Your Dad about this site, print out a few pics of early Harleys with pedals and He would love it...Or,sell it to me fer a huge profit...:) Best of luck! :)
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    Read up on how to reinforce the fenders. If one comes lose it could cause a bad accident. Have you tried looking up online images of Western Flyer bikes? That may help you identify the bike. Could you ask the people who sold the bike to you who the previous owner was? They might be able to tell you what kind of engine is on the bike.
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    Yeah Jerry i asked but it came from a non living estate. I have googled 100s of pics of bikes like it but very few give year model or much info. The motor was another i was googling and never saw one like it and i even googled alll the numbers i found with not luck. I thought there would be a "Mike Wolf" type on here that would know. I think there is he just hasnt come out of the wood work YET ! LOL Ros
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    Try posting your pictures in the antique section of the forum you may get better results there.
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    I think he will like it and the more i look at it i think i will leave the fender off ffor a more bobber look. Good idea about the HDs with pedal pic. As far as him get on the "puder" we have tried to teach him so he can search for stuff he needs with no luck. He even has a 4s iphone we bought him only because he see use look up a part while we are with him in seconds and he just amazed!
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    Ok guys i have a lead on the motor a Russian D6 ??? I posted on ratrodbikes and a member named Kdregg posted up this link
    Does it look right to yall? Now comes the fun part find a few parts for this thing. Know of anyone running a D6? Ros
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    Krasniy oktyabr d6 is the full make/model
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    That's the wonderful thing about this day and age. With a little patience and effort one can most of the time find the answers they seek.
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    @rospaw Thx, intentionally or not, for hipping me to the other forum. Don't know how I missed it, especially with the capping on it gets from this forum. It looks like it might be what I've said previously that I'm looking for. More new tech ideas to make MB's more useful and less parade floats. That is, less show, more go.

    I'll watch both fora, but don't expect much more here than the usual large old boys on social security whining to each other, building the SOS, different paint job.