need help with axles!!!

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  1. errolprowse

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    i need help trying to replace a tiny axle that is a quick release type into a solid axle so i can mount a gebe engine. i have a pretty small skewer and want to know if all i have to do is change out that little skewer to make it a solid axle skewer

    and does any one with disk brakes have good experince with disk brakes with a gebe engine?

  2. ocscully

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    The Skewer you describe goes thru the axle. The Axle you currently have has to be removed and replaced with a solid/longer nutted axle. Most rear hubs today have axles that measure 10X1 (10mm is the axle diameter and the 1 is the thread pitch). GEBE sells the solid longer nutted axle for doing this change or you could get one at your local bike shop. To make this change you will need some cone wrenchs or have it done by the mechanic at the local bike shop. You just want to be sure that the threds all match up so you don't have to replace the cones as well.

  3. errolprowse

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    i see, i just took it out and apart with standard wrenches and understand how im going to put that axle in there, it should work just fine, thanks for the help!!!

    does any one know of a disk brake i can use it the rear that doesnt interfer with the rear mount straps???
    the brakes i have know stick out way to much and im looking for some that dont nearly as much as these
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    hi...put some pics up if you can (did i miss 'em elsewhere?)'ll make this discussion much easier. you're virtually unlimited on rear wheel choices, budget being the only real deciding factor. i'll be happy to help if i can :)

    EDIT: more...depending on what we see in yer pics, & depending on your access to fabrication, i can show you some good ideas about chopping the mounting strap off short and welding some lugs higher up on the stay.
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