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    help my brand new carburetor is doing the exact same thing as my old one!, ok heres whats going on, when i press the prime bubble no gas goes through the intake manifold hole on the motor, i even removed the carb and it still didnt come through the hole and the prime bubble gets impossible to press as if its hard as a brick, i dont understand whats going on here, can anyone help me?

    attached is a picture of it

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    That hole is not for fuel flow. It is for a vacuum pulse from the engine to actuate a diaphragm inside the carburetor. There better be a matching hole in the insulator block that goes in between the engine and carburetor, and the associated intake gaskets. The diaphragm acts like a fuel pump and recirculates the fuel from the tank through the inlet hose, through the fuel passages inside the carburetor and out the return hose back to the fuel tank.
    The system will not work unless there is fuel all through it from the get go. That is why there is a primer bulb, to let you prime the system with fuel before trying to start the engine.
    If you do get fuel out of that little hole, then you have a torn diaphragm inside the carburetor and the fuel ls leaking through the tear.
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    so theres nothing wrong with my carburetor?
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