Need help with chinese 33cc engine!!!!

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    Hey all! I'm new to the site. I have a question, hopefully I can get some help from some of yall! Ok here it goes.... So I have a 33cc 2 stroke Chinese engine. I was tuning the carb and all of a sudden the motor quit running. I thought it was the carb. Apparently not! After hours of dicking with the carb I finally gave up. I tried to start it with carb cleaner...... nothing happen. So I immediately pulled the spark plug and checked for spark... It had spark. So I put it back together.. tried to start it... nothing. I pulled the plug again. I am getting spark but it seems when I put the plug back in it isn't getting spark! It did crank once for me, but died. Then nothing else.... Can someone please help me trouble shoot this? I have no clue what is going on!!!!! PLEASE HELP

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    what kinda carb?

    what kinda engine?

    a pic might be nice but doesnt change the fact that most lil engines are the same, and if you follow this procedure, as follows, youll usually sort them out...

    one, remove carb, splash of fuel down the intake.

    should start and rev out briefly if everything else is good.

    no go?

    get a new plug, rinse, repeat...

    still no go?

    then something unusual is going

    is it a reed valve engine? can you see flaps over the intake with carb removed, or the bottom of the piston as you turn it over?

    reeds can often get stuck open, especially if its chinese. if you see the piston, it doesnt have reeds, stop thinking down that path... move on instead.

    leaving crank seals, lower cylinder gasket, head gasket, or rings as the final suspects... can eliminate head gasket by looking at it...does it have a separate head, or is it a unified cylinder with integral head?

    can eliminate the rings simply by how it turns over...pop pop pop, its got compression, its all good.


    theres one or two other syndromes, as absolute worst case scenarios... snapping the con rod is a big one and rather unusual, the type of thing one puts on the shelf as a trophy ;)