Need help with choosing correct chain

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Heykel29, Jul 18, 2014.

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    I have recently ordered a 415 then a 420 chain for my bike but both are too big and have problems fitting onto the front sprocket. I'm not very good with this kind of stuff as i bought my bike on gum tree and need urgent help asap as it is my only form of transport other than transperth... -.- Please help My Chain on the right, 420 chain on the left My Chain on the right, 420 and 415 chain on the left

  2. Heykel29

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    LOL What a ******** pic hosting website!
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    while it took a while to load, it did work...

    see the bar just above the box where you type a reply/start a thread? 3rd from the end is a picture of a tree. try adding pics DIRECTLY, cus there is NOTHING worse than reading old threads where the site has vanished, leaving a blank spot of uselessness... (i look up a lot of things and that is one thing i DESPISE! critical information either requiring a register and login, or...that blank square with a default pic of a camera or some message about user having removed, or simply having to be redirected to another site in another tab and oh my... and you "might" have to resize the odd pic or two...:eek:) anyway!


    you got your chain off without removing the master link! neato!! :jester: (please dont state the obvious :wacko: )

    im sort of getting the idea your actually having a hard time threading the new chain onto the sprocket, not really having a "fitment" issue at all. 415 should be fine! same as 420! the roller diameters are correct, there should be enough space on the engine to take the wider plates, etc etc.

    at least, those sizes work for the rest of us?

    sprocket, while its had some use, isnt beyond the point of no return.

    so. threading a chain on... you got the first step done, take off the cover.

    remove opposite cover. the one over the clutch and gears.

    now, you can either remove spark plug or loosen off the clutch mechanism to make it easier to turn the engine over.

    and there you go, the rest is usually pretty straight forward. somehow you need to rotate the sprocket and keep chain from jamming in the case as you do it.

    you can thread a chain through without popping covers, just pull in the clutch, stand the bike up on the rear wheel, and zip zip... otherwise it has an annoying habit of bunching up inside the case JUST as its about to come all the way through. its a matter of experience, using your head combined with this new theory that gravity isnt ALWAYS a b!tch ;)

    you wont EVER be able to just slip the chain over the sprocket "side on", even with a nice thin bmx chain... is that what you tried doing? huh? be honest now! we wont laugh! well, we will, but who cares? :jester:

    ]ive often contemplated grinding away some of the case just so i can, but i dont really change chains that often....
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    oooh, nasty, now im looking, that master link really sticks out! make sure the plates facing to the OUTSIDE when you install. i know, i know, thats the handywork of the guy you bought it off...not even the right size for it!

    oh, and closed end of the clip faces the way the chain rotates ;) otherwise it gets knocked off and your chain does what it already did but where its meant to do it, at the master link...