Need Help with Electrical Problem, '05 NE5

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by go-rebels, Jan 12, 2009.

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    My turn signals on my 2005 NE5 do not work. I've checked all (4) bulbs and they are good. The fuse is good. The horn works. All connections in front of the gas tank appear to be OK (no loose wires except for one black wire that is disconnected going back into the bike that connects to nothing going "up" to the handlebars).

    What is the best strategy to troubleshoot further?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 05 signals, not blinking

    Hi Go, here is what I would do. I have 05's (2) but no signals on them.

    #1, Take an automotive "Ice Pick" type tester (looks like ice pick with light bulb inside), test it first to be sure IT works! Now, with key switch on, you will test the two leads that go to the flasher for one to have power, the other not.

    #2 If power there on one or both turn switch positions, then replace flasher (it's Whizzer or Auto).

    #3 No power at flasher?, go behind headlight and check the wires that go to the turn signal switch. Be sure to look low to see if the steering stop has not cut any wires.

    these are the places I expect that you'll find loose wire or other lil problem

    #4 write back here with your findings?

  3. go-rebels

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    What does the flasher look like on the 2005 NE5?
  4. Flasher ID

    Hi Go, flasher is little round can, not as tall as round. It is behind the fork on a 2-wire extension, accessable without removing the front cap. the plug is an "L" shape, 2 wire, just like my '55 chevy had.

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    I spoke to the original owner of my Whizzer yesterday in an attempt to get all the paperwork fixed for registration in South Carolina (that's another story). Anyway, he told me that the Whizzer needs a fully charged battery with 12+ volts under load for it to trigger the flasher. Anything less won't do.

    My work has kept me from fiddling but I'll report back what I find.
  6. go-rebels

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    Quick measurement with the bike not running:

    Switch "OFF": 12.4V at battery
    Switch "ON", rear light burning (front bulb burned out): 11.9V

    Turn signals still not functioning.

    It's not the battery!
  7. If it's not the Battery.....

    Hello, how did the tests I outlined work? Wheather that flasher would trip or not, the side that you select would light up, just not flash!

    Therefore, do you have current at the flasher plug, from both directions on the switch?

  8. go-rebels

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    I have power to one of the terminals of the flasher, but not the other. Power in on that terminal no matter if the flasher switch is engaged one side, or the other, or "off" (in the middle). I figure the switch completes the circuit.

    Resistance between the two terminals of the flasher module is 40 Ohms when uplugged. I don't know if that's right or wrong. Looks like I need to trace the wires...

    Sure enough, found a broken wire behind the head light. I fixed that and now my brakelight works! I didn't say that was out too, did I?
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    Oh, flashers still don't work.

    I need to jump the terminal of the flasher plug and see if I can get one side of the turn signals to glow "on".

    Thanks Mike for all the help!
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    40 Ohm for the flasher is about right... right? Can someone measure theirs?

    Temperature dropped to the 30's last night in my garage; too cold to do any more troubleshooting.

    THEOZON New Member

    Take Switch Apart An Clean Terminals. Did Mine And Now They Work Fine.
  12. Quenton Guenther

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    According to the drawing one side of the flasher and the horn [gray wire] are tied together and should be +12V. The other side of the flasher fastens to the turn signal switch in the left handlebar control [90% of all turn signal problems are in the switch].

    Have fun,