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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by cars4fun2001, Feb 25, 2008.

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    great site guys. I did a pretty intensive search and came up empty handed. I am looking for a manual clutch for a Honda GX31. I would prefer a shaft output and as small of a package as possible. It would be great if it was in line and not a side box but I would take what I can get.

    thanks in advance

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    hi mike...more detail this part of an ongoing project? just research? what style of mounting system (which forum?)...or, is this a "want to buy" thing?

    details and pics (if possible) will get your discussion going :)
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    yes on all fronts. I would buy it in a hart beat if I could find one. I would love to find one that mounted like this but I am very open. I am ase certified auto tech. I know my way around a wrench. I dont mind something that takes a bit of work to make if fit.

    I was given this site by a guy on a different forum. I searched for 4 hr or so putting every thing I could think of into the search. I came up with lots of talk about manual clutch but no links to where to buy one for a smaller motor. No pics at this time.

    thanks Mike
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