need help with funny throttle.

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    Could someone please help me with my dilemma? My throttle on my 2 stroke is acting up. It has no effect till turned halfway then at halfway it seems to jump to full throttle. Also when i try to idle the engine just roars because of my "full throttle problem". I am fairly new to my motorized bicycle. Ive had it for a month. Please tell me your opinions Thank You.

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    first, I'd loosen the single bolt that holds carb on, take it off and turn it so I can see inside - turn throttle and see if slide goes up nicely and back down completely

    if so, then you probably have an air leak where it attaches to intake
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    look inside your carb and adjust the side screw so that the slide has less than 1mm space at the bottom (space that air can flow thru).
    then adjust your throttle cable slack either at the top of the carburetor or at the throttle where it enters it. adjust so there is only the slightest amount of lose play.
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  4. OK a simple tests remove the air filter from the carburetor while it's not running then look inside you'll see the barrel when you turn the throttle if the barrel goes up and down nicely? That's a good thing is it's not sliding up and down as you turn and release the throttle then you do not have it installed properly there is a small Groove in the barrel that goes into the carburetor at the top with the spring in the pack fan clip. That little line on the right hand side of that Barrel must line up with the little tiny nug inside of the carburetor if not you're just going to be stuck on Full Throttle because you have no control
    I hope this helps
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    I agree with Windy City Bob, the slide only fits one way . Also ... The stock plastic [ kit ] throttle is junk Get a scooter / pit bike / ATV throttle, and run a separate kill button
    I used an ATV kill button [ heavy duty ]
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