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    Hello All,

    Brand new idea here I need help with gearing on... the Chopper is on the back burner for now!

    My idea is to build a small pusher trailer with this engine.

    The engine is a Titan, it is a small 4 stroke engine that is 50cc and has a max rpm of 7000. I have a PTO/transmission on it that has a 5:1 reduction and the output shaft on the PTO is a 10 tooth sprocket on it.

    The trailer tires will be 12 inches in diameter.

    I want to have a max speed of maybe ~25mph and easily cruise between 15 and 20 miles per hour. I want more power then speed as you can tell.

    From the engine, how do I setup gearing to achieve this with the engine pto/trans and 12" tires on the trailer?

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