Need help with making mini build fun to ride!

Felix Stalka.. cloaked villain has a good point you need to find a good starting point to improve upon. if you start with something bad you will have lots of problems and need to upgrade stuff. if you start good you may also save yourself some money. If you wanna go fast you need to have good equipment that wont fail or fall apart on you while riding, causing a accident.

Yes he has good point but I fouled up (a lot) when starting this hobby and now I got about 450$ spent on it since it's pain in the butt getting parts to eu. Because of that I'm going to stay with this bike, also it holds up better than steel kayoba MTB I had before so that's interesting. Yes I know that I need good equipment/knowledge but from what I see most of upgrades will work on this bike but will be annoying to do. You can totally take of the engine and everything but then you need to somehow get to exhaust and engine mount bolts, and it is a tiny bike but it has potential and if I somehow get it working with DC motor generator and minarelli cylinder that will be something I'm going to be proud of. Anyways ty for caring for my safety but you can't stop me even tho I'm not making as dangerous bike as some I still know the risk
Dear young Sir. My best advice to you is, ride it until it breaks. Always worked for me until it does break which can go one of two ways.

It breaks and you walk away laughing, or it breaks and you aren't laughing.

Just giving you a hard time. Do what you will.