need help with measureing jet

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  1. hi i would like to know how to measure a jet the rite way do you measure the needle or the jet body ? thanks:rolleyes7:

  2. motorpsycho

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    What are you trying to accomplish?
    do you want to know the jet size so you can order richer or leaner jets?
    or are you wanting to know the thread size so you can order jets that will screw into your carb where the old jet was at?
  3. i'm trying to find what size i have in my carb so i can order some thanks for helping
  4. wildemere

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    Get a set of 20 metric drills from .3mm to 1.5mm at a hobby shop

    Then get a vernier guage. I got a digital one for $20

    Measure the drill that fits the stock jet nicely. Thats the baseline.
    It should be around 0.7mm assuming a HT.

    With some solder and the bits you are ready for jet resizing.

    Tuning however, is a whole other story...