Need help with my chain!!!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Rockchuck, Aug 31, 2016.

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  1. Rockchuck

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    Hey guys, I had a guy build my mb and now I just got the chain shortened. Now I am having problems with the chain falling off when I try to ride it with the clutch pulled in. Here are some pictures. As you can see the limiting factors are the frame that won't let the chain come out farther. Should I just give up?

  2. I didn't see any of your pictures however what the case may be is get your rear sprocket the drive sprocket maybe a little bit on an angle towards your drive sprocket on your engine I had this problem when I first started building. Mike strantz is catastrophic. it's not the train and wrapped around my rear sprockets and destroyed the spoke rim.
    That's why I went to an arch idler chain tensioner. Because you have much more range of moving your tensioner up and down. Also if the chain is too short you can add a few links from the change that you have left over that was removed all you need is a chain color and usually refers to put the cans back in, once you have the chicken back in from the chain take a small ball peen hammer Hammer that is likely to end his to put a rear end on 2014 on the side of the chain I should say. So it will not come off. most importantly though make sure that your rear wheel is straight and true and not often if it is it will jump off of the sprocket. Good luck have fun and drive safe.W.C.B.
    P.S. Let me know how it works out for you
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    pics didn't show up

    chain problems are often cured by getting the tensioner set just right

    search the board here about 'chain alignment'