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  1. frankz

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    i found a web site that lets you make online petitions

    has anyone wrote one up for helping get motor assist bikes legal. Im not good with legal writing but i figured someone out their would be.

    might be able to get quite a few e signatures and send to local lawmakers in bike unfriendly states

    if we had a online petition we then could post it on myspace and sites like that its a collective thing! would be nice to hold or state legislators accountable

  2. loquin

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    Why not start with AZ's law, (A.R.S. 28-2516,) ?

    For instance:
    would become:
    In this petition, the limiting factor for a motorized bike is not speed, but is instead engine displacement or electrical power rating. This definition also defines motorized bikes as separate and distinct from pocket bikes, mini bikes, mopeds, powered scooters, and the like.

    It also complies with the federal proposed guidelines fairly well, with the exception of omitting their arbritrary 20 MPH limit. In addition, it prohibits local ordinances limiting operation of a motorized bike, unless all bicycles are limited. (I'm sure that there are locations where it could be too dangerous to allow bikes to ride on given streets.)
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  3. Mountainman

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    great guideline - Lou

    That's a great guideline - Lou

    Seen many other (fine ideas) here on site
    but -- this I think -- very well thought out - brings it all together...

    Been looking for something to present to our congressman here --
    I know that I am new and must --
    get all facts together first -- might be only one good shot
    thank you -- Mountainman
  4. CA law, different than the rest

    Hi Mountainman, what part of CA's law bothers you the most? Are you willing to risk it getting worse?

    If a Grizzly Bear was asleep on your front porch, would you kick it to see if it were asleep or if in fact it were dead?

    I know my answer, and yes, I still have all my fingers and toes, and minimal scarring for as old as I am, and as many things I have done (many unwisely).

    Do not find your self in the position of Admiral Yammamoto of the Imperial Navy, who when asked about the Glorious Victory of Pearl Harbor, reponded to the ship's Captain, and Leftenants "I fear we have awakened a sleeping Giant".

    This talk of the federal Motor Assisted Bicycle has been bantered around for several years, and does NOT apply when a State chooses to regualte it's own territory.

    I for one, will attempt to NEVER give the politico's a chance to screw us further, when exsisting laws are found to be tolerable.


    Mke Simpson;
    resident of the "Peoples Republic of California"
    located in the center of the whirlwind,
  5. Mountainman

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    Mike -- very well noted by the old Mountainman

    and after some thought in regards to this --
    sorry that it took some time here
    but - I do realize today -- Calif MB laws are VERY TAME compared to many states...

    yes - and you are right again
    in dealing with politicians -- I have found in the past it to be
    it was a game that for me anyway ---
    I got sick of playing ------ 8 years total -- and stress beyond what I could ever believe !

    got used to it -- maybe
    is that why I was ready to suffer once again
    and jump back on the band wagon
    MAN -- I just got off of one of those..

    regarding the states with half rear in laws
    I feel your pain
    but - reminded by Mike --- it's not that bad here in Calif !!!

    and I have been able to
    and all I want to do
    is -- Ride That Thing Mountainman
  6. lookbiker

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    PA is not motor assist bike friendly. i've thought about trying to get involved in changing the law but i figure it's a lost cause. Politicians put these laws in place to protect insurance companies from having to pay out for accidents incurred using such devices. I'm doubtful legislation would get reversed for the few of us who ride. Funny thing is, my buddy fell on his mountain bike and had hospital bills in the tens of thousands. Cracked ribs, damaged internals etc.